Wednesday, February 27, 2008

A Bunch of Sickos Around Here.

Really. All of us are Sick. Willard seems to be the least bit, but still has a bit of a cough. Maynard has been lounging around for the last 2 days. Kinda nice really, since I feel as though I have been hit by a bus and I only have to chase after one wild and crazy kid. I did take a Epsom Salt bath last night, which seemed to help quite a bit. Maybe it was the peace and quiet?

Good news though...I have lost 2 lbs in the last few days. Again...anything to loose a little weight hey? Well, maybe it was the dancing this weekend. But it could been the fact that I haven't been eating much. It will all come back once my appetite is back. I'm hoping my stomach shrinks a bit by then...wishful thinking!

I do hope we all get over this shortly! It has sure taken its toll. I am going to shove us all full of zinc, vitamin C, and water and hope we all are better for these nice days that are coming up! It is supposed to be almost 60 (yes 60!) on Saturday! I am excited to get working on the yard again. Though, not excited for the land mines from the dog.

I might take another bath again tonight. I googled Epsom Salt, and found that it is actually quite good for you. Its a great way to naturally flush toxins (right up my alley) and relax. Also great for many other things, but right now, all I can think about is getting better.

Until next time...

Monday, February 25, 2008


Willard wanted gwah-nih-wah this morning for breakfast. Maynard (Cereal). Maynard has been saying that for many weeks now, but it was the first time Willard was specific. After using my sleuthing skills, I poured him a bowl of granola...his favorite.

I got to work tonight for a few hours. It was very odd being back in the swing of things. I know I might not work again for a few weeks, but it was strangely fun to be at work.

A kinda crazy thing happened at work though. There was a "perp" hanging out in their vehicle in the parking lot. Some of the gals got a bit nervous, and the manager ended up calling the PD. I guess they caught up with him after he left the parking lot.

I get the silly scenarios going through my head:

1. What if I went out and knocked on the window and was so scary, they'd leave the parking lot....not a good plan. Even if you have pepper spray.
2. What if they are just putting the kids to sleep in the vehicle and need to have a place to sit and read a book?
3. What if they follow me home and knock me off the road and shoot me. (I know...a little extreme, since I was driving our work truck.)
4. What if they just were looking at a map?
5. Why am I worried about this?
6. Ok, I'm done.

Well, it's bed time for mommas. I have a sore throat. I suppose a run to Staple and Spice will have to happen tomorrow for some sort of throat spray.


Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Bad Girl.

It has been a week, and though I know no one is dangling on a new chapter of a steamy romance story, or dying to hear about yoga again, I sorta feel bad.


So what have I been doing?

Well, going to the Y. Almost daily. It is such a welcomed break from the boys, and I feel so great afterwards. Randy will surely be impressed when he comes home. (I love you babe!) I got a great book on YOGA moves, and have been practicing to gain balance, strength and flexibility. Tough, but again, I feel really great afterwards!

Eating. Afterall, a girl's gotta eat! My favorites this week have been Blue Corn Tortilla Chips with Flax Seed, Peanut Butter Bumpers, and cheese. Mostly Junk, but its been so good, I just kept eating moderate portions of course.

Showering. Yes. I do shower. But now, I do it at the Y, and I don't have visions of mattresses off beds, torn books, bite marks and bickering from the kids. And I actually get to shave my legs. Don't tell anyone!

Talking with Randy. He has a hands free deal so I can talk to him. We are thankful that we are able to talk for free, othewise it would cost all of our profits!

What have I not been doing?

Watching TV. I mean, I have watched some, but not I deleted all the movies I had recorded so there wasnt much on my DVR.

Sleeping Well. I am a night owl as it is, and my sleep pattern is kinda whacked. I guess I watch TV when I go to bed. Mostly Fox News. I don't try to turn on The Weather Channel unless its imperitive.

Reading my bible. I really miss this, so I am hoping to get back into it, but my flesh-spirit battle is raging. Its hard to be so focused on the kids and the house and the dog and stuff and then want to focus on God's Word. I know that I need to be there, but I just haven't been. And my overall mood has definately reflected that.

Well, I must get going. I have a date with my babe on the phone in about 10 minutes! (Talking about trip reports and stuff!!! Yehaw!)

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Oh,What a (Beautiful?) Morning!

My day has been less than ideal.

But let me back up. I didn't want to talk about it last night, so I will tell you now.

Remember how I tried to do an ab attack class and tweaked my neck a bit? It hadn't gotten any better, but I have been babying it a little. Randy was expected home last night and I went and got in a workout at the Y and then I blowdried my hair, put on mascara and lip gloss and I even had my nice boots on (3 inch heels..they are UBER cute!).

After walking around in them all day yesterday, I got the call that he was finally on his way
(after getting stuck in Belle for a while), so I got the kids all loaded up ready to go pick him up from the yard. My neck was bothering me a bit, but since I am not good at math, I never put 2 and 2 together.

We get home, eat and start getting the kids ready for bed. I needed to go get some things for him from the grocery store. While Randy was getting them into bed, I ran to the store. I had to get a few gallons of water, some food, and also a case of bottled water for him to take with him.

By midpoint in my shopping trip, I realized that my neck pain was getting even worse, and I still had to lift the water and groceries out of the cart and into the van.

I get home and Randy unloaded the van for me, and after I put the cold stuff away, I just sat on the couch and wanted to relax and check my email, write a blog, etc. After a while, I got up and started moving around (still had my dang boots on!). I started putting the water away and my neck and back just started cramping up and I couldn't move my left arm without causing serious pain. I poured some olive oil into a cup and started warming it, thinking that Randy would be able to rub the muscle to make it feel better. I finally took my boots off, and then did the math...duh!

The massage was great, but it only dulled the pain a bit. So, I figured if I just went to bed, I would feel better in the morning.


Since I had (just kidding babe!) to share the bed with Randy, I slept really awkward and when I woke up to go to a meeting this morning...there was no getting up. Randy had left at 6am to go finish getting unloaded/loaded, and I was not in any position to start getting the kids ready, let alone drive anywhere. Thankfully, the kids were playing nicely in their room.

I got a call from one of the ladies that I was supposed to meet with (since I didn't have her number off hand and I wasn't about to go searching). I let her know I wasnt going to make it. Right afterwards, Maynard came into the room, wanting to duddle (cuddle in Maynardese). So, he climbed up, got his little legs under the covers and prepared for laying down. Well, he was trying to be funny, and he whipped back to lay down. Well, my face, more specifically, my eye, was directly in his path.

So, after I jerked out of bed from the pain of my eye, then lay back down from the pain of my neck, I just wanted to cry. In fact, I did, but don't tell anyone.

I had to get up and get a cold pack and some lavender and had to put my thoughts together for the day...

Here I am blogging...with a bruised eye, and a strained neck...I might have to go get a massage for Valentine's Day...



I have been MIA. There have been a few days between now and my last post.

I apologize. I do have my reasons, but I thought I would ask for forgiveness, and move on, without going over all the details.

Tonight, Willard and Randy were playing a racing game, since they haven't played in a couple weeks. Willard passes Randy in the game, and says..."See ya at the finish line, Dad!"

Looks like he is perfecting his "Snack Talk"

Also, I heard on the radio tonight that some woman overseas was going to sue a bread company because she found a (dead) mouse in her loaf of bread.

Since when did it become ok to sue because of something silly like this? I admit that it would have been really gross. And I may have crapped my pants. But imagine the lawyers that are going to have a field day battling this out, taking up court time for huge amounts of money over a stupid mistake.

In all reality, the company should buy this woman a new loaf of bread, (even from a different company!) or even a months worth, a new pair of underwear, and maybe a few bucks for gas and the inconvienience.

Gimme a break!

Friday, February 8, 2008


Our conversation at the dinner table tonight:

Willard: "Maynard, you should eat your cheese. It's good for your brain!"

Maynard: "Uh huh!"

Me: "Willard, where is your brain?"

Willard points to his shoulders, "On my shoulders. One on this side, and one on this side."

Maynard: "Doh-ders" (Shoulders)

Me: "Really! What does your brain do?"

Willard: "It keeps us warm."

Maynard: "Wahm." (Warm)

Me: "How does it keep us warm?"

Willard: "Well, it uses elbows."

Me: "How does it use elbows?"

Willard: "By being in our backs all day and all night."

Me: "Really?"

Willard: "Cause it over slepts, it stays warm."

Maynard: "Wahm."

Other great Willardisms from the dinner table:

"Excuse me Manyard. You shouldn't go on tracks. The train could come, and run you over, and you could get burned! Its very dangerous."

Then he said: "And then, last day, I heard a big FLASH! And it was lightning from outside, and it means a storm is coming!"

Then after dinner:

"Mom, Maynard threw something in the toilet!" "Maynard! That is Busgusting!"

Our beautiful four year old is getting so big.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Lesson Learned.

Wednesday I wasn't feeling good, just a head cold, but still, it made me want to stay in my jammies all I did, kinda. I wore just a t-shirt and my skivvies the night before, but since I had to run to the bank, I threw on a pair of jeans and a sweatshirt.

After the kiddos went to bed, I changed out of my jeans and t-shirt and into my nice, comfy jammies I got from my parents for Christmas. I watched a bit of American Idol, and Moment of Truth (super funny!) I decided to try to open up my chest/sinuses, so I turned on a recording of Namaste Yoga. It's the first time I have been able to see it. It comes on at the butt crack of dawn, and I decided to record a few episodes in case I get bored.

I learned an important lesson:

Don't do yoga without a bra on. Its just not right.

So tonight when I went to yoga at the Y, I made sure those puppies were in a sports bra and my yoga tank.

Stupid Boobs.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Finding the Perfect Jeans and Valentine's Day.

I never have really been a girly girl. There is nothing wrong with being a girly girl, but for me, I just don't get into girly kinds of things. I try to let my husband or my family know what I need and it drive my husband nuts sometimes.

Here are some typical things I have asked for in the past:
Vacuum (the guys that Randy worked with at the time thought it was almost suicide to buy me this for my birthday! I love it though!). Food Processor (awesome!). Coffee Grinder (for flax seed actually). Shower Curtain (very plain, yet cute). DVD player for sanity on long trips (the boys would go crazy!). MP3 Player for bible studies (rocks!). Specific Pots and Pans (I got a cast iron pan for my birthday from my Mother-in-Love-its sweet!). I think I even asked for a spatula once.

My birthday this year was the first year I actually bought something for myself, (with Randy's moolah!), but it was clothes, so in a way it was still practical. My intention was to get a massage and a pedicure, but I just went shopping for clothes instead. New Clothes. I love hand me downs and 95% of my closet are hand me downs, but I decided to get a few new shirts. And I bought my first pair of New jeans in probably 5 years. They are super cute and just a smidge distressed, but there were NO HOLES and no weird crinkle patterns on the front! YAY! I would tell you where, but then I would have to...

Ok, now I have to tell you this story while I am thinking of it. My sweet and dear husband and I have an on going joke that started with a commercial a few years ago. In the commercial, the wife asks her husband if she looks fat in the dress she was wearing (or something...its been years). Typical loaded question, but a funny commercial.

So we joke..."Honey, do these pants make my butt look big?" and he says (jokingly) "No, your butt makes your butt look big." Since he likes me in jeans, (this is where I kinda married my dad (a whole other post!) dad likes my mom in jeans as well) I like to find jeans that have properly sized and placed pockets. The right pair of jeans can do alot. That brings me to my most recent shopping trip.

For my birthday, I scoured the Mall for a nice pair of jeans. I even wore my favorite ones to try to find identical ones (I found out that they are at least 5 years old, they don't make them anymore...bummed me right out.). I went in almost every store, trying on jeans like I was a teenager. I must have tried on 20 pair. I had my boots on too, so it made it even harder! Most of the ladies who worked at the store were honest and made sure that I wasn't going to get a pair that made my butt look big. Some jeans just do that to me. Especially ones with small, wide-set pockets.

I was tired of looking for jeans. So, in my last effort to find the perfect pair of jeans, I went into a store that isn't known for having jeans (which shall be unnamed (Is it wrong of me to withhold this information?)) The only thing was though... there were MEN people working in this store. Oh great. How am I supposed to ask guys this age old question? Women understand this question...but guys? Well I found a guy, in his 40s or 50s, and I asked him to be completely honest with me, 'cause I was buying them to wear for my husband, since I could care less!

I found 3 great pair of jeans. I tried the first pair on and walked out and turned around in the little mirror. He said that they didn't make my butt look big. They were also over 50 dollars, so I had to try on the others. Jean #2 fit great, but I was unsure on the buttocksickle region. This time, the guy says, "Nope, they make your butt look big." Thankfully, he was being honest cause they fit GREAT everywhere else! And then he kinda got a bit uneasy saying...well...uh...not that your butt is big....but...uhh...Silly man.

I did find one nice woman who also worked there, but I was already half married and committed to the one guy but she did help with the fitting as well.

The last pair I tried on, I walk out, and he said..."Those are the ones. They are the best pair and they make your butt look great. Your husband will like them." (If I hadn't asked him to be honest, I may just have slapped him!) I just am I going to explain this to my husband?

I got that pair, and Randy LOVES them. Randy also laughed at my little story and said the guy did a good job, cause they are the best jeans I have. Thanks dude!

Sorry for the inpromptu memory flashback. Ok, back to the present...

Randy, please take note. I know you may have been listening to the radio these last few days while you are on the road, but be advised...the advertising on them are not what I want. Don't let them fool you. Here is what I DON'T want for Valentine's Day:

1. Vermont Teddy Bears. Just not into stuffed animals...unless its you and you are full from a big dinner.
2. Pro Flowers, or any flowers. Period. I know I am making this harder on you. Sorry. I just don't like them all that much.
3. Pajamagrams or Victoria's Secret. You know why.
4. Jewelry (or anything that has to do with precious metals including gold and how rich we could be if we buy gold RIGHT NOW!) I normally don't wear any of that stuff anyway, so I might as well buy cheap stuff so if I loose it or Willard puts it in the sink I won't feel bad.
5. Lotions/Potions/Creams. Because I am very particular on this stuff and it would drive you nuts if you tried to figure it out.
6. Candy bouquets. It will make me feel awful since Cardio and I don't get along.

I know we don't really "do" Valentine's Day, but if you get a wild hair...Don't cave! I will think of something. Just give me time. What do you want babe? Let me know. And I will let you know. But it will proabably be something practical. Maybe that shower curtain rod I was talking about...but I would have to let you know what finish...not white though, and would it fit in our bathroom? My chair would be nice, but we will have to wait till it is warmer...maybe our anniversary for that. Well I may not be able to wait that long. I know I would like to get a book re-bound, but there is no one around who does it.

I am rambling now.

Monday, February 4, 2008

2 Oreos.

I went to the Y earlier, thought I would get a good workout in.

I started off in the express workout room, since the Y was PACKED and I don't like exercising in front of lots of people(unless my hubby is there because he makes me feel good...(insert sappy love song here)). That little workout area is so cool. After I was done with that, I had more time to workout, so I was going to do some yoga in the little room that the yoga class is normally held, but there was another class going on in there, so I had to go to the back of the wellness center and do it.

Talk about embarrassing. I somewhat know what poses to do, but it was out in the open and I kinda felt violated. Well, maybe that isn't the word, but I did feel embarrased. I needed to get a good stretch in and that is the only place where it was practical.

Shortly after I sat down to stretch, a gal that I used to work with (in the same building) came over and was stretching next to me...she still works there; her hair shorter and lighter. We made small talk. Then after she left, a guy started stretching next to me, and we made small talk...mostly because when I get nervous I start talking to myself, so I figure I better start talking to him or he would call the cops and have me committed.

We started talking about yoga, and he wondered why I do it. I explained it is very relaxing and it helps with strength and balance. He had thought about going to some classes, but that he hadn't yet. He also told a funny story about how his sister dragged his brother-in-law (her husband) to one, and he "passed gas" in class, and the wife just couldn't stop laughing. The teacher in the class said that he must be really relaxed. I just said..well I guess that happens! (But in my head...a I have to worry about that too. I was just worried about falling over, but now this!) I vote for neither happening to me. EVER.

After stretching, I wanted to go to an "ab attack" class, but the last class appeared to still be going on, so I spent a few minutes trying to find the class. It ended up being in the same room, taught by the same teacher, and I only caught the last 5 minutes. And I tweaked my neck doing situps. I should have known better. But the instructor did help me with questions about my problem areas, and told me that I needed to do more Cardio. Bleh. I'd rather suck waxed fruit (a quote from Robin Williams, as Batty Koda, from Ferngully ).

I went back into the wellness center to do more "cardio" and got on a weird looking machine. It was near the back of all the machines, and next to a pole, so I felt a little better about my insecurities. It was grey and yellow, and it was like an eliptical and a stair stepper in one, but it looked like something the terminator would work out on...even though he is metal on the inside, and doesnt need to work out...

Well, in 10 minutes on the funky strider terminator looking thing, I burned 97 calories. 97. That is probably not even 2 Oreos. Nice. So I felt like a big fat hairy beast. (An Ice Age-The Meltdown reference):

***Fast Tony: [stopping female ox] You, ma'am! You look like a big *fat* hairy beast. How you'd like to lost a ton or two? Female Ox: Uh! Would I ever! Fast Tony: Well, now you can, with Fast Tony's miracle diet! Male Ox: Don't listen to him, Vera. You're already thin as a twig. [the two leave] Fast Tony: And I also have the perfect cure for your eyesight, my blind friend. ***

So I got off the machine, went to the locker room and ate some yummy crackers. I would have eaten the whole box, but it was at home.

Cardio. Mmm...rhymes with Oreo.

Closet Football Fan(atic)?

It is late...But I have been working on my computer and getting a new antivirus program, so maybe it is justified? Or not.

Either way.

I watched the last quarter of the SuperBowl today. I normally would only watch it if Randy was, but since he is on the road, I thought I might turn it on, since I heard it was supposed to be a good game. Randy actually got to watch some of it too, just a few states away! We called each other and talked about it too. (Its just how we roll...)

Our favorite team never goes to the SuperBowl, so I always have to figure out who to hoop and holler for. And I never make bets. My husband lost all of his hair in a bet one year. I should post pictures of that odd and somewhat frightening experience. Nah.

Anyhow, I sat on the couch with a blanket and Maynard came up and wanted to duddle (Maynardese for Cuddle). So he and I watched the amazing 4th quarter. After the Giant's first touchdown, I was yelling (since I was rooting for them...they were the underdogs!) and Willard stops playing with his semi, looks up at me and says in a calm voice..."Mom, if you need to yell, go to your room. We only yell in our room, Mom."

I suppose he is just calling me on what I teach him!

I tried to keep my cheers to a dull roar, and little Maynard even got into the cheers with me. Clapping hands, and I think I even heard him say Giants, which in Maynardese is Diands. Every time I would get all pumped up, Willard would look at me perplexed, then "shunt" (yes he still is into that!) his semi into my empty water glass and it would slide across the coffee table.

Ok, I just admitted to cheering while watching the TV...alone (well, without other adults around). I am such a dork! Like my enthusiasm and cheers are going to "Calm down Eli, just relax and take a deep breath.", "Tighten up the defense, you can do this, guys!" or "Stop grabbing yourself or at least turn around!" (If you were watching, you probably have that burned into your memory as well...where one the guys clearly adjusted himself. It kinda made me sick.). And what about "Here we go Giants, here we go (and I did the we go). I am offically banned from watching football.

So, maybe I need to get out more. Maybe watching football is a way to connect to my tom-boy past, or maybe it was cool to watch the guys run around in the tight pants. Or maybe I needed to loose my voice. My throat is a tad sore now.

Either way, I enjoyed it, and now everybody knows...well, all 1 of you...(Thanks for reading Randy! Thanks for putting up with me! I love you!)

Friday, February 1, 2008

He is at it again.

Willard that is.

Randy got both the boys their own Kenworth hat this week. They have been wearing them off and on ever since, and they are excited about them.

This morning, while getting ready to go to the YMCA, this was the conversation that took place between Randy and an all too excited Willard:

Willard: "I'm gonna bring my new hat to show all my friends!"

Randy: "Really?"

Willard: "Yeah, 'cause I'm a trucker and truckers wear pants!"

I just about peed.