Saturday, December 15, 2007

The Race is On...

Today was a fantastic day. Minus the banana peel and the wooden train track that Maynard flushed down the toilet.

I got to put the kids down for a nap while cleaning the house (new construction one) and thankfully, my dear husband bought me an mp3 player for Christmas (well, actually called him and asked if he would buy it for me, and I picked it out and bought it, but I say it is from him!). I have been listening to Bible studies while cleaning. It doesn't even feel like I am "working" since I am able to catch up on studies that I have missed or wanted to hear.

I am about finished with the house. I have a few more hours tomorrow that I get to do but it will be easy work...shining mirrors and windows, sweeping and mopping. They boys were having so much fun on the way home, it was quite comical. It is amazing how much happiness they bring to my life. I am so thankful to God for them.

Willard was so funny tonight. Usually, there is a battle for me to get him into his pajamas, but I started a little competition a few weeks ago between Willard and Maynard that involved racing to get their pajamas on. The winner gets to brush their teeth first. I help Maynard get his jammies on (and keep things fair and down to the wire!), and Willard gets to do it all by himself (including changing skivvies and socks, and putting the day's clothes in their basket).

Willard is such a sore loser though. A couple nights ago, Willard won and Maynard was clapping and yelling for him. I mentioned to Maynard that it was nice for him to be happy for Willard that he won. I also asked Willard if it is nice for brother to be happy for him, and he said yes.

So, last night, Maynard won, and Willard had a meltdown. He flopped on the bed, crying. I let him throw his fit, then I reminded him of how good it felt when Maynard was clapping for him. He still was upset. He kept saying how sad he was. I was still showing Maynard that I was proud because he let me dress him (he is a runner), and that he gets to brush his teeth first. Willard reluctantly followed us into the bathroom, and filled Maynard's glass (this is what they each do for each other anyway) so he could rinse and "bit" (as Maynard would say spit). Then it was Willard's turn, and Maynard got to fill the glass for brother. I again reminded Willard that it would be nice if he congratulated Maynard for winning...nope.

Tonight, before we started the big race, I asked Willard if he won, would Maynard be happy for him or sad. Willard agreed that Maynard would be happy for him. I then asked Willard if Maynard won, would he be happy for him or sad because he didn't win. Willard said he would be sad. So I told him that we wouldn't have the race then. He was bummed, so I let him know that he needed to change his attitude, and he said he would and the race started.

Maynard didn't want to lay down for his diaper change, and Willard didn't want to change his nascar (though he has never watched nascar...he just likes the cars on them) skivvies. I reminded him that he needed to and he started taking them off. I finally got a diaper rounded up for Maynard and Willard was putting on undies. Then he started with his jammy bottoms, but his undies were on inside out. I let him know that they needed to be right side out, so I helped him turn them the right way, and he put them on again. We were giggling about it.

Maynard was almost dressed, just needed the pants, and I realize that Willard's clean undies were on the floor, and he put on the ones he just took off. I wasn't paying attention until I noticed the clean ones on the floor. Willard and I giggled about how silly he was about not putting the clean skivvies on and we giggled some more while he was trying to take them off really fast.

Willard noticed that Maynard was just about dressed and I reminded him again of how he needed to be excited for brother, and with that, I finished getting Maynard dressed. I started clapping for Maynard and I could tell that Willard wanted to throw a fit, but he actually started clapping and laughing along. He did want to go into full meltdown mode, but he could see how Maynard was happy because Willard was happy for him so he held off.

I just love it when they encourage each other. It reminds me that that just like I need to teach my children how to edify each other, I also need to be edifying others, so that I can be an example for others.

I better head off to bed. I get to go to church in the morning, and then off to clean some more!

Thursday, December 13, 2007

What a day for a daydream...

What is up with the song references? I just start typing and a song comes to me. The weird thing is, I don't even listen to music that much these days, and I still have many ingrained in my head!

It's only early evening, and I am daydreaming of a time where the boys don't fight. Where they each act kindly toward each other. All is calm.

Yeah Right.

Today has been one big war. I know what caused some of it, (we ate a bad lunch) but I am worn out! It started out pretty good. I was up early, getting ready to go clean a new construction house. We went to the library to get a couple videos for the boys to watch while I cleaned. Then we went out to the house. It is so beautiful. I hope whoever buys it can appreciate and be in awe of His creation.

Maybe one day we will live on 40 acres and a panoramic view of the hills like that home. I can have my own garden to grow food with the boys and I can raise yaks, cows and chickens. Yum. Just thinking about it makes me hungry. I sure love chicken... But really, I do like it here in our "cozy" little home. Where the kids are never too far away, and I can step to the center of our home and glance in any room. Where our heat bill last month was only like 25 dollars! That is awesome!

I finished my craft projects. I would post a picture, but since my sisters may view my blog, I don't want to ruin the surprise (I love you two!). Everything is still on my coffee table, with finished projects on top. I must clean this off tonight, since it seems as though I won't be getting out to clean again tonight, due to the war going on. They are actually playing dinosaurs right now, and getting along, but as soon as they realize they can play together nicely, I suppose the peace will end.

After being encouraged by one of the blogs the other day, I did get my computer desk moved to where it needed to be, and the computer is all set up. I now have to clean off my craft table and figure out how to rearrange the other half of the room. I have come to accept the fact that I will not get my room painted anywhere in the near future. I really should allow God's peace to reign in my life. A moment by moment thing I suppose. I am such a hypocrite when it comes to that. I can tell myself that I need to let it happen, but do I...NO. I just keep trying, instead of trusting. Hmm, sounds like my own little war.

I have other things to do anyway than to paint and such. The boys and I leave in 8 days for Minnesota, and my wonderful husband may even be home for a little bit early next week. (YEAH!) I get to clean the new construction house by Sunday, the floor mats in the truck get to be rinsed off, I get to go pick up the van from The Repair Shop (I highly recommend Dennis from there. He really knows his stuff!)! Amazing!

One thing at a time I suppose!

Do all things without murmurings and disputings! hmmm....

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

...Keeps the Home Fires Burnin'

Wednesday night is an important night. Yes, it is bible study night at church, and next year, even Willard will get to go to the children's ministry at our church. But second to God, is fellowship with others-including family. My husband and our oldest son get to play video games after our youngest falls asleep. It is special daddy-son bonding time, since our youngest demands a lot of our time. Eventually Maynard will get his own night as well, but since he is young, he has to wait a bit longer!

Since Randy changed jobs, the bonding still happens, but not necessarily on Wednesday nights. All week, Willard has been asking if it is "Wensday" night, and I show him the calendar or tell him the day and he tries to figure out how many days until Wednesday. Tonight he said, "Mom, it is "Wensday" night." I explained to him that when dad got home, he would spend that special time with him then. He seemed to be content with my answer.

Tonight, after I got the boys in bed, I set out to read the blogs I had mentioned earlier. I was done with one-again-inspired to blog- and was viewing the other's myspace page, and I hear tapping on the floor. I asked quietly, "Willard...Why are you out of bed?" He said, "Maynard is asleep and it's "Wensday" night."

I was quite shocked, and I didn't quite know what to say. My stomach dropped a bit. I don't have a clue how to race that video game, and I don't want to take over the important night that my son longs for. Normally, they muscle the love seat over, grab the controllers, and sit and race for 30 minutes or so, and just hang out, naming cars and spending time together.

What is a mom to do? I was out of my comfort level. This isn't my way of bonding! So, instead of moving the heavy love seat, I had him grab a couple camping chairs that we had leaning in the corner. He grabbed "daddy's" and had me sit in mine. He did seem to enjoy me fiddling with the controllers and trying to figure out how to choose the Camaro.

He did a great job racing, and knew more of the buttons than I did. When he was all done, he asked me to carry him to bed, so I did, ending the night a second time with another big kiss. It was well worth the time, but I ached inside because this night was Father-Son night.

I don't know if Willard understands what he is feeling. It must be a bit tough to not have Dad home, but other than a few behavioral issues, he seems to do great. I am not sure how Maynard is doing, but he does point out things that belong to Randy and say, "daddy's". When they ask where he is, I make sure to let them know that he loves them very much and that he is working hard to provide for our family. They get excited to talk with him on the phone, and they know that postcards are on the way as well.

I miss him. It is hard to fall asleep alone, and I miss talking to him. I miss the closeness and the fellowship. I miss the guidance and advice, even the little arguments. I miss him because I know how much he misses the boys. He is such a great husband and father. He loves those boys more than I do, and I love them so much. I know it is tough on him-being away from us. But I know that it is my responsibility to keep the hold down the fort, keep the home fires burnin' (Candles actually, since we don't have a fireplace!) I love that he has enough confidence in me to do all the home stuff while he is away. (Which reminds me...Friday is garbage day and I get to put the trash cans out.) He is such a great man, and I thank God that I am able to share my life with him. We are looking forward to the day when we can just "be" a family, no deadlines, stupid debt, etc. Just being together, growing in God's Word, loving each other, and serving each other.

Tonight was such a great end to a long day (after the boys woke up from their naps, things went downhill fast!). While the boys were napping, I was listening to a Bible study, and the pastor was talking about the will of God. In summary, it isn't the will of God that "this thing happened at this time, or this thing didn't happen." It is God's will that regardless of what happens, it is who we lean on, praise, and thank. He wants us to rejoice in him always, give thanks to him always, no matter what the circumstance. Boy I sure didn't have the right attitude many times tonight.

Knowing and obeying are 2 different things. Thankfully, tomorrow is a new day. A chance for renewal-2 Cor. 4:16

Time for bed I suppose. Though, I might check the blogs from yesterday just to make sure I didn't miss any new posts!

On the Blog again...(remember that old song by Willie Nelson?)

Last night I stayed up until...way past my bedtime...reading blogs of my friends. I didn't just read one or two of their posts...I read every post. I had to get caught up! And I have one one more blog-maybe two- to read today.

So, I was inspired by these blogs to blog more...funny huh? So I have so much to say, (since my dearest husband isn't one for long phone conversations) and truly too little time. I was going to take a nap this afternoon, but I have too much to do, so I am going to set my timer and do a few minutes in each room, then get back the computer. I am leaving in ten days to visit family for Christmas/New Years and I have tons to do. Both the boys are asleep, and here I am typing away...

Anyhow, one of the blogs talked about her area, she calls it her scrap room, since she scrapbooks, among many of her other talents-that are fantastic. Now I want to get my room/office/area done so I can be creative in a place other than my coffee table in my living room (which has 2 crafts, half finished on it that I started yesterday.)

So, I will blog ya later. What a beautiful day!

Rejoice in the Lord alway, and again I say rejoice! I love that verse (Phil 4:4)

Monday, December 10, 2007

Some times you feel like a Diploid...some times you don't...

*Don't read if you don't like controversial issues*

Here I go again.

I have some extra time on my hands, and I have been wondering about HDCV. Does anyone care what it is or how it is used? How could I use it now with a clear conscious? Amazingly, most people haven't heard of it, and don't know where to look for it. Most Christians don't know what they are doing with it.

HDCV stands for Human Diploid Cell Vaccine. Many of the shots we are told to give our kids contain human diploid cells. The crazy thing about viruses (what vaccines are supposed to "protect" us from) is that they cannot reproduce without LIVING CELLS. So a human diploid cell is a live human cell that drug manufacturers use to make a vaccine "more effective". And just where did these cells come from...aborted human fetuses from the 60's. Nice huh? Even though it was many decades ago, the cells of these aborted fetuses are living on and made to multiply, for vaccines. And a majority of the population has been unknowingly injecting themselves and their children with them. Now you and I both know. Tell your friends.

I am sad that I allowed my oldest son to be exposed to it, and thankful that my younger son hasn't been. We need to inform people about this. Our old pediatrician never let me read the ingredients list of the shots my child got. I wonder why???

And the whole thimerosal (MERCURY!!! Which is POISONOUS!) The drug companies say that they don't use it in young children's vaccines but they admit they might use it in the beginning stages of making the vaccine, but that it is mostly filtered out, and that if any remains, it is just a trace. If I wiped my dog's butt with a spoon, and there was just a trace of crap on it, would you still want me to stir the brownie mix?

I don't think so.

Anyway. I got that off my chest. I am off to bed.