Wednesday, October 20, 2010

I am Going to Explode!

We are in Montana.

We are in the house.

Randy has a good job.

We have been able to spend precious time with the In-Loves.

And I am getting CHICKENS!

I am so excited, I can barely contain myself.

During the process of moving, I had to double check the ordinances in the area. Fortunately for me, we are outside the city limits!

So, now that we are in the house and Randy is gainfully employed, I have been working on getting a shed converted into a coop. I am almost finished, and I am hoping to get 4-6 pullets (young hens) within a week. My goal is to have 12 hens.

Randy wants nothing to do with them, but he has been very helpful with some of the conversion work. (Don't tell anyone I said that.)

The goal for these hens is for me to "oversee" the operations, and the boys will be business owners. I will buy my eggs from them, and they have to pay for the expenses, and pay off any start-up costs. Of course, I will do most of the work, but I really want them to know what it is like to earn money, run a business (guided by us), and learn all that while having fun with these ladies. They will be involved with the chores, and will be given more responsibility when they show they are capable, and they are both excited.

Tonight they were playing chicken and grasshopper, since they were pumped to find out that CHICKENS love hunting GRASSHOPPERS just as much as they do. :) They just sat on the floor, pretending their hand was a chicken beak and the other one would hold out their finger as a grasshopper...too adorable!