Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Finding the Perfect Jeans and Valentine's Day.

I never have really been a girly girl. There is nothing wrong with being a girly girl, but for me, I just don't get into girly kinds of things. I try to let my husband or my family know what I need and it drive my husband nuts sometimes.

Here are some typical things I have asked for in the past:
Vacuum (the guys that Randy worked with at the time thought it was almost suicide to buy me this for my birthday! I love it though!). Food Processor (awesome!). Coffee Grinder (for flax seed actually). Shower Curtain (very plain, yet cute). DVD player for sanity on long trips (the boys would go crazy!). MP3 Player for bible studies (rocks!). Specific Pots and Pans (I got a cast iron pan for my birthday from my Mother-in-Love-its sweet!). I think I even asked for a spatula once.

My birthday this year was the first year I actually bought something for myself, (with Randy's moolah!), but it was clothes, so in a way it was still practical. My intention was to get a massage and a pedicure, but I just went shopping for clothes instead. New Clothes. I love hand me downs and 95% of my closet are hand me downs, but I decided to get a few new shirts. And I bought my first pair of New jeans in probably 5 years. They are super cute and just a smidge distressed, but there were NO HOLES and no weird crinkle patterns on the front! YAY! I would tell you where, but then I would have to...

Ok, now I have to tell you this story while I am thinking of it. My sweet and dear husband and I have an on going joke that started with a commercial a few years ago. In the commercial, the wife asks her husband if she looks fat in the dress she was wearing (or something...its been years). Typical loaded question, but a funny commercial.

So we joke..."Honey, do these pants make my butt look big?" and he says (jokingly) "No, your butt makes your butt look big." Since he likes me in jeans, (this is where I kinda married my dad (a whole other post!)...my dad likes my mom in jeans as well) I like to find jeans that have properly sized and placed pockets. The right pair of jeans can do alot. That brings me to my most recent shopping trip.

For my birthday, I scoured the Mall for a nice pair of jeans. I even wore my favorite ones to try to find identical ones (I found out that they are at least 5 years old, they don't make them anymore...bummed me right out.). I went in almost every store, trying on jeans like I was a teenager. I must have tried on 20 pair. I had my boots on too, so it made it even harder! Most of the ladies who worked at the store were honest and made sure that I wasn't going to get a pair that made my butt look big. Some jeans just do that to me. Especially ones with small, wide-set pockets.

I was tired of looking for jeans. So, in my last effort to find the perfect pair of jeans, I went into a store that isn't known for having jeans (which shall be unnamed (Is it wrong of me to withhold this information?)) The only thing was though... there were MEN people working in this store. Oh great. How am I supposed to ask guys this age old question? Women understand this question...but guys? Well I found a guy, in his 40s or 50s, and I asked him to be completely honest with me, 'cause I was buying them to wear for my husband, since I could care less!

I found 3 great pair of jeans. I tried the first pair on and walked out and turned around in the little mirror. He said that they didn't make my butt look big. They were also over 50 dollars, so I had to try on the others. Jean #2 fit great, but I was unsure on the buttocksickle region. This time, the guy says, "Nope, they make your butt look big." Thankfully, he was being honest cause they fit GREAT everywhere else! And then he kinda got a bit uneasy saying...well...uh...not that your butt is big....but...uhh...Silly man.

I did find one nice woman who also worked there, but I was already half married and committed to the one guy but she did help with the fitting as well.

The last pair I tried on, I walk out, and he said..."Those are the ones. They are the best pair and they make your butt look great. Your husband will like them." (If I hadn't asked him to be honest, I may just have slapped him!) I just laughed...thinking...how am I going to explain this to my husband?

I got that pair, and Randy LOVES them. Randy also laughed at my little story and said the guy did a good job, cause they are the best jeans I have. Thanks dude!

Sorry for the inpromptu memory flashback. Ok, back to the present...

Randy, please take note. I know you may have been listening to the radio these last few days while you are on the road, but be advised...the advertising on them are not what I want. Don't let them fool you. Here is what I DON'T want for Valentine's Day:

1. Vermont Teddy Bears. Just not into stuffed animals...unless its you and you are full from a big dinner.
2. Pro Flowers, or any flowers. Period. I know I am making this harder on you. Sorry. I just don't like them all that much.
3. Pajamagrams or Victoria's Secret. You know why.
4. Jewelry (or anything that has to do with precious metals including gold and how rich we could be if we buy gold RIGHT NOW!) I normally don't wear any of that stuff anyway, so I might as well buy cheap stuff so if I loose it or Willard puts it in the sink I won't feel bad.
5. Lotions/Potions/Creams. Because I am very particular on this stuff and it would drive you nuts if you tried to figure it out.
6. Candy bouquets. It will make me feel awful since Cardio and I don't get along.

I know we don't really "do" Valentine's Day, but if you get a wild hair...Don't cave! I will think of something. Just give me time. What do you want babe? Let me know. And I will let you know. But it will proabably be something practical. Maybe that shower curtain rod I was talking about...but I would have to let you know what finish...not white though, and would it fit in our bathroom? My chair would be nice, but we will have to wait till it is warmer...maybe our anniversary for that. Well I may not be able to wait that long. I know I would like to get a book re-bound, but there is no one around who does it.

I am rambling now.


Sandie Grisé said...

what a crack up story! In search of the perfect pair of jeans, love it!

gordostyle said...

Of course...I'm dying to know which store this was... cuz, I'm in need of a pair of jeans like that! :o)