Thursday, September 13, 2007

Lilacs in September?

I was amazed to notice that my lilacs are blooming again this year. I was on my way out the door last night and I walked past one of our lilac bushes. And there were a couple of flowers...I looked up and there are several buds that have bloomed! Ah, the smell of lilacs. It is my favorite smell when it comes to flowers. What a nice surprise, a spring bloom in the fall!

I was unaware that this could happen! I grabbed my camera today so that I made sure it wasn't my imagination!

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

This made me laugh so hard, I cried!

Earlier today, I sent out a bulletin titled: Motorcycle Survey. Not expecting it back from too many people, tonight, when I got home from work, I was surprised to see a message from one of my dear friends...who shall be unnamed right now.

She is a mother of 2 small boys, like me, and her answers are just hilarious. I included it below, but made sure the names are not on it:

Please enjoy:

1.What type of motorcycle do you own? sport,cruiser,dualsport,offroad?
ummm....a toy one. 2 actually....

2.What make?
I think.....Mattell??? No lead paint tho. I think they are called M2R??? and the other.....alpinestar

3.What model?
no 'born on date', we just bought it hmmmmm......3 weeks ago!

4.What color?
one green (lime green) the other orange. both have white and black too.

5.Does it get looks when you ride?
Ya......I look like a gorilla riding a bike....hahahahahaha!!!!

6.How many cc's?
hmmmm.........I think alot....have you seen my bicep....especially when I push them around with the little men on them!

7.Top speed?
As fast as my chunky a** can carry 'em!

8.How much horsepower?
Ya.....I got horsepower baby!!!!.....and then, so do they!!! VROOM VROOM!!!!

10.Any Modifications?
Does gorilla glue to hold on the handle bars count?

11.1/4 mile?
Unsure....I may collapse before then!

a life time

I think I'm in the hospital....or my grave. GASP....I may not make it!

14.Dry weight?
right around 2 ounces each....and I did weigh them...hahahaha!

15.Fuel tank capacity?
0.....pure imagination to run these bad boys!

16.Fuel economy?
depends on what we ate that day to keep us up and playing!

can't really tell, depends on who's playing. My youngest usually makes at least one down shift noise!

18.Can you wheelie it?
OHHHHH YEA............some times for several minutes from one mountain (sofa) to the the other (Chair).....huge dare devils!!!!

19.Which motorcycle rivals yours?
Well, today I was the orange one, and my youngest out did me with the green one.......

20.What is your next bike?
Well......if these hold out, and they grow out of the 'dirt bike' phase, perhaps none.........or a two wheeler pedal bike! HA!

21.What kind of tires do you have?
well...they are plastic and rubber, tiny, white plastic spokes....looks like some good tred.......

22.Do you have matching gear?
Oh ya, the guys come with matching gear, racing suits, removable helmets....(I think I stepped one one today), chest protectors, even small tools! quite the set up!

23.Full face, sport,half helmet, no helmet?
They have open face helmets, about the size of my pinky nail!

24.Would you sell your bike?
Well....they boys would be upset....but......I could part with them for about.....$5 apiece.....not all pieces may be present, one helmet may be broke (slightly smashed)

25.What is its best feature?
The joy they bring the boys when playing

26.Does it have a name?
motorcycle or dirt bike...I couldn't even begin to type the way my youngest says it.

27.Do you ride with a passenger?
ummmmm no, I haven't seen them put more than one guy on at a time........we do have rules......hahahahaha

28.Is your back seat open?
well....I guess so.

29.Are you a female rider?
Ummmm, yes, not so much a rider, but more an operator....again the gorilla/bike analogy.......

30.Do you ride in a group?
well, at least a group of two. How ever sometimes we do have out the snowmobiles and John Deere and Bob the Builder tractors to group play/ride with.......

31.Are you in a motorcycle club? If so whats it called?
Well, we tried inviting over the Hell's Angels for juice boxes and gold fish crackers....but they turned us of these times!!!!!

32.Whats the farthest you've ridden?
Well, we did venture to the front yard once....but broke down, hence the gorilla glue, so, we usually stay between the bedroom and living room.

33.Whats the best thing you've seen?
The looks on their faces when they got them the first day.

34.Whats your next trip?
To the toy box tonight

35.Do you speed?
Ya....sometimes withut shifting.......I should start writting them out tickets......

36.Do you race?
Ya.....sometimes against Muck, Scoop, a big John Deere.....

37.Can you outrun the police?
Ohh.....yes, one time we did have the sheriff from Cars out..... rough one, didn't think we'd make it!

38.Can you stunt your bike?
YA!!!! You should see the "pop in the wheelies" I get to watch, and the big jumps I get to watch (see 18). "watch this mom, watch this this mom"......over and over again!!!!!!

39.Do you have a pic?
I could take one if you'd like..........

40.Share info on your own motorcycle!
Its a motorcycle, it is fun. everyone should own one...