Tuesday, February 12, 2008



I have been MIA. There have been a few days between now and my last post.

I apologize. I do have my reasons, but I thought I would ask for forgiveness, and move on, without going over all the details.

Tonight, Willard and Randy were playing a racing game, since they haven't played in a couple weeks. Willard passes Randy in the game, and says..."See ya at the finish line, Dad!"

Looks like he is perfecting his "Snack Talk"

Also, I heard on the radio tonight that some woman overseas was going to sue a bread company because she found a (dead) mouse in her loaf of bread.

Since when did it become ok to sue because of something silly like this? I admit that it would have been really gross. And I may have crapped my pants. But imagine the lawyers that are going to have a field day battling this out, taking up court time for huge amounts of money over a stupid mistake.

In all reality, the company should buy this woman a new loaf of bread, (even from a different company!) or even a months worth, a new pair of underwear, and maybe a few bucks for gas and the inconvienience.

Gimme a break!

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gordostyle said...

Too funny about the bread...I agree 100%. It's not their fault! It reminds me of the McDonalds coffee situation...a lady spilled it and it burned her - then took it out on McD's. Ok, did you not know the coffee was hot? DUH!