Saturday, January 12, 2008


That is pretty much what I have done for the last few days. I managed to loose (well sorta, it involved a 4 year old and a sink), and then rescue my wedding ring, figure out what my favorite poses are in yoga, be amazed at how my husband dresses our Maynard, and catch up on about (honey, if you are reading this, skip to the next paragraph) 750 archived posts (hoping his eyes glance over this part!) from Pioneer Woman (Yikes!).

My sweet husband surprised me and came home early (late Thursday night). Since I spent most of the day Thursday, reading the aforementioned blog, I didn't have much done (remember that it needed to get picked up, well I got a case of the lazies that day...I wasn't productive at all!), since I planned on doing all my stuff on Friday, because he was supposed to be home Friday night. Now that he is home, I have gotten even less done. (I did get the blankets and toys up though!) I am so glad to have him home and the boys are too. The boys have been thankfully playing quite well together, and they have been enjoying their toys and new books.

I really tried to pry myself away from the computer, but when there are archives, I read them. I am a little excessive that way. Not much got done. Except a couple loads of laundry. And I did cook a chicken.

Randy worked most of the day Friday, and we actually got to watch a movie together later that night! Thanks for the movie Mom, it was awesome! Especially on our pore magnifying screen!

As of today, I am now caught up with all the archives and I am a little depressed that I will never, ever be funny.

Or be able to take good pictures. Or cook. Since I burned water the other night...

On another note, my dad complained while I was up there that I am the only one of his daughters that always has a "rat's nest" for hair. I explained that in the 20 minutes that it would take me to fix my hair, the boys would have dumped out a box of cereal, ruined 3 cd's and dumped out all of their toys. That is more than I want to deal with.

So today, since Randy was home, I blow dried my hair, put on makeup (Don't ask how old it is...) and even used a curling iron! I had (well, made actually) Randy take a couple pictures. (Ok, more than a couple, but I HATE getting my picture taken, and I have to make sure it looks just right.) Now I can show my dad that choosing a rat's nest for a hair-do may be a bad one, but it is fixable! But I will not be doing this every day. That is for sure. My bathroom is way too small for a curling iron and a blow dryer...

...and after staring at my gray hair for an extended period of time, I can't risk the stress that would come upon me if I had to do that every day. Granted, gray hair can look great on some people, but I am only 28. I felt hot, but it was only temperature related. It must have been 80 degrees in there! I still felt like a short little housewife who wanted to pull her hair into a pony, and get on enjoying her day! With mascara.

And for the record, my babe said he likes my hair, even when it isn't fixed. That made me smile. Thanks, babe! I love you! But then he said...I would have rather had you spent that time on the house! And I completely agree! I am so glad he loves me just the way I am. There is always tomorrow!

Well, I am off to bed. Have a great night! I will post some pictures tomorrow.

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