Thursday, July 31, 2008

Willard and babies...

Willard LOVES babies. Today, I got to watch a friend's 3 children.

Her youngest isn't even walking yet, and she is just adorable.

She was on the floor, playing with a ball, and Willard came up to her, and this was his conversation:

"Oh! A BABY!

(He holds her hand in his...)

"You have little hands! I have bigger hands."

(He switches hands)

"Let's shake."

"I'm Willard. I changed to five. I was four. I was two, like a baby."

Then he got distracted and went and asked Maynard:

"Hey Maynard, you wanna play Ice Road Truckers?"

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Note to Self:

Remove the sticky pantyliner sticker from a new swimsuit before putting it on.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Note to Self:

Going to the grocery store after working out will result in unnecessary purchases that will defeat you.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008


Each night before bed, we give the kids their "vin and juice" and some fruit. (Vin is Vitamins.)

We call it Vin and Juice, because one day, my husband or I, (probably me 'cause I like making up funny songs, but I can't recall) started singing the classic 90's rap song, in the form of a kids song:

Rollin' down the street, playing Nintendo
Sipping my vin and juice.
Laid back.
With my mind on my teddy and my teddy on my mind.

YES, its dumb, but the kids love it, since they both have teddy bears. Though, they have no clue what a Nintendo is...yet.

So, after I gave Willard the WRONG kiwi-he wanted a golden kiwi, not a green kiwi...He seemed to calm down pretty rapidly.

I poured his juice (its a supplement) and placed it in front of him.

He suddenly puffed in a high pitch tone, "But you were supposed to HAND it to me, not set it on the table!"

It was so funny. He was so tired and ornery, and I just laughed on the inside.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

20 miles per nour.

My boys amaze me every day.

Maynard is imitating many of Willard's manerisms, but is starting to make up things on his own. He has a hard time some of his letters and blends, but for the most part, I can understand what he is saying. It is so cute trying to hear him pronounce kick. (He uses t's for k's!)

Willard's imagination is exploding, and he loves to make up scenarios and explanations. Sometimes the explanations are so extravagant, I wonder if one day he will be a fiction novelist! He has recently started using b's for v's, n's for h's, and other cute mix-ups.

Today, I helped them both make paper airplanes they can fly around the house. Willard calls his an R36. It flies (but the pilot drives it, he tells me) over bolcanoes, mountains, and even big bolcanoes. He said he flies it at 20 miles per nour. But when it goes over bolcanoes, it goes sixty miles per nour.

Maynard's is a B1 Bomber. He said it fwies. And it bwasts offs. It fwies fass and pins awoun.


Monday, July 21, 2008

Dear Bathtub Manufacturer...

Dear Bathtub Manufacturer,

While taking my bath, I thought about the size of bathtubs. Why is it that I can't seem to fit in my tub?

The average height of a Man in the US is 5' 9.2" (or 69.2 inches) and the average height of a Woman in the US is 5' 3.8" (or 63.8 inches). (I GOOGLED IT!)

I measured my tub, and the bottom measurement is 58" across the top, and 44" across the bottom inside. I am only 62" tall. (Although, I do feel better now, knowing that the average height is only shy of 5' 4".) I can't even fit in my own tub. My knees stick out, or my feet, and my shoulders are not under.

WHY? Why didn't you make bathtubs longer? I understand that most bathrooms are smaller, but you should have known you had the POWER to make bathrooms bigger by making the internal measurements at least the size of the average man!

Wrinkly yours,


Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Protein Shakes Anyone?

Ok, so I thought I would get a protein powder supplement.

I got 100% whey protein (a bi-product when they make cheese)-vanilla flavored.

I got my 8 oz of milk, got my 3 tablespoons of powder.

Mixed them together.

Sat down to read some emails.

Took a drink.

About spit it out all over my keyboard.


So, I went to the kitchen and got about a teaspoon of honey, and stirred it up a bit, and you know, I actually like it now!


Sunday, July 13, 2008

Food Frustrations

Have you ever tried to search for something online, and when you get there, it isn't what you expected?

I am trying to research Protein. Why it is good, how much I should have, etc. I am tired of trying to be sold different powders!!!! ARRGGGHH! I do intend on getting a protein powder supplement, however, I want to know how much protein is in one ounce of....whatever it is I am eating...

I won't go into detail here, since I started a new "health" blog (just the sound of that sounds funny!), where I keep track of my eating/workouts, etc. but now, I am diving into nutrition, and I wish I could get some straight answers!

I know that I am eating healthy food, I now need to know daily needs...not servings!


Anyhow, I thought I would post the formula for how much protein a person needs, so you can gauge your protein intake. You should have more if you are working out a lot.

Here is the formula, using my body weight.

12* lbs...I don't even know, but its in the 120's...I am going to round up to 130.

divided by 2


subtract 10


55 grams of protein is what I should be eating. More though, since I have been working out more.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Things said at Breakfast.

Randy and I chose to go out for breakfast this morning, since it was a weird morning, and I knew that there was a reason. So we could hear this:

"Willard, would you like bacon or sausages with your pancakes?"


We just chuckled.

Then, he and Maynard were playing with the crayons. When I asked them what they were doing, Willard said,

"We are playing rocket ships, and they have happily beestroying." (Happily Destroying????)

Then, as we were leaving, Maynard said, I wan a bautsty ball! (Bouncy ball)

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Gym Ramblings. I mean, Rants.

Ok, I know I haven't posted in almost a month. Sorry!

I try not to complain. Well, except when I'm at the gym and my trainer makes me sweat. Then hear me roar and whine. I don't like sweating. Really. What is so fun about back sweat, underarm sweat, butt sweat, forehead sweat, and boob sweat? How about inner elbow sweat, and behind the knee sweat? Just plain gross. Especially when there are guys there that stare. LOL

Did I ever mention I HATE CARDIO?

But here is what I find SOOOOOOO FRUSTRATING:

While getting dressed after my shower and workout last night, I noticed that not only had my back broken out in pimples, so has my cleavage and my butt. Now, its not major acne, but still...arrggghhhh! Yes it will go away, but come on!


And not only that, the more fat I loose, the more stretch marks I notice.


My trainer suggested to stop trying to work out like a lifter, and instead try to be more efficient. So he is having me do TABATAS. (Here is a site that explains them.) It IS cardio, but its better than the funky machines, and helps burn fat more efficiently. He also took my body fat thingy. I need to loose 10%. Nice. I can tell a difference though already, and I am feeling great though. (On the inside, right? BLEH!)

Ok, I am done Ranting. HAHAHAHA