Saturday, July 24, 2010

Moving on up... Montana.

The decision was made this week, and we are hoping to be up there by this time next month.

Now, I try not to be a "Debbie-Downer", so here are a few things I am looking forward to:

~A kitchen table. We have been without one for 5 years. Oh, the conversations we have missed.

~My Father and Mother in-love. They will only be an hour away, and it will be nice for the boys (ok, and us too!)to spend some time with them.

~Getting to re-connect with old friends. I miss their laughter.

~Having room for a garden. After having a small garden last year, and no ability to have one this year, I am really wanting to get my garden prepped for next spring!

~Going through the upcoming trials and tribulations with my husband. Now, most people would think... WHAT? Why are you looking forward to that? Well, last year was one of the best years in our marriage, but probably the worst year of our lives together. We grew together because of the trials. I know that the rest of this year will have its own bumps in the road, but I know that we have been preparing for this our whole marriage-especially this past year.

What I am not looking forward to:

~Moving away from my family, friends, and the area. South Dakota has been my home for most of my adult life. It will be hard to say goodbye to them. (But, I will hold back the tears as long as possible!)

~My inability to relax easily in new situations. I have always been a little (ok, A LOT!) uptight. This can me grumpy. Fortunately, Montana also has this to help me relax: It isn't as close as it is here in South Dakota, but it isn't far away: :)

The mountains...They call me. (Usually they call me goofy names, but I won't repeat them here.)