Monday, January 14, 2008

Reason #42, Why Not to Wear Makeup

I got to go riding today! Ok, well, not technically "riding" but I got to ride across town! My helmet is still as snug as it was when I took it off a few months ago, and my jacket is still heavy, yet comfy.

I haven't ridden in mumphs (as Willard would say it) and it was definitely a stress reducer. I had to go give blood (anything to loose weight right?). It was a balmy 45 degrees, and the sun was low in the sky. I was looking forward to a few uninterrupted minutes, unable to move, and using my mp3 player without having it maxed out!

When I got into the little interview room, I handed the nice lady my donor card, and sat down. After typing on her computer, she told me she found me (I didn't even know I was lost! Maybe that is my problem!) and started with the never ending questions about my "extra curricular activities", drugs and rock and roll. Ok, well maybe not rock and roll. But why is it important if my mom ever traveled to Mexico? I have been giving blood for years now, would that negate all the prior donations? Mom? Have you ever traveled to Mexico?

I told her that I live a pretty boring life, and she was right. Oh what a great reminder of how non-exciting my life is. I suppose it is a good thing though, since I was able to donate!

My blood pressure is good, 101/58 and my total cholesterol will be available within 7 days! Why do I enjoy this so much?

The ride home was a bit colder, but still pretty fun. I am so thankful I didn't have any makeup on, or my hair done. Then I would have gotten it all mangled in my helmet. Although I still have mascara on from the other day. I haven't quite gotten into the removing the makeup part...

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