Monday, July 27, 2009

Dinner Conversations

Maynard has been trying really hard to integrate into adult conversations. He manages to come up with some clever ideas and thoughts.

Tonight's Observation: The Ceiling Fan

"That fan goes around just like a tornado. But, its not a tornado, its a fan."

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

And P...

Listening to Maynard sing the alphabet..."ABCDEFG, HIJK(tay) LMNO and P, QRS, TUV, WX(ets), Y and Z. Now I know my ABCs, next time wont you sing with me?...beep beep."


Monday, July 13, 2009

Willard tells a story.

Our oldest son has been making up some crazy stories...He will be the PERFECT fisherman!

Here is one from tonight, during dinner:

Back when we were in Montana, near Spearfish, I saw lightning hit a house, and inside were 3 kids, Carlin (cause he likes cars, so car...and lin...cause that is what his nickname is), Junior, and Picky (cause he likes to pick things off trees)...There were 20 people in the town. The kids hid underneath the table, and they had cuts and scratches that were made by the nails under the table and they came out one was injured in the whole town.

And there was this little boy named Sarah, and he was 2 and he lost his family at the store, because they were startled from the thunder...He lived in a house that was green with a blue roof. After the storm, he saw a police. The police saw him sad, and brought him home.

The neighbors had four kids. Nick, Jason, Marlin Junior, and Salty (cause he likes to eat salt for breakfast.). Then, when they woke up, it was nice and quiet, then they hear (he makes a siren sound). The police station had a siren that goes around in different directions...They look out their was an F5 kept getting closer and closer and closer and then it smashed through the basement and through their house, but they were in the closet...When they woke up, the whole neighborhood was beestroyed, and there was still debris falling from the sky, and the flood was still running fast, and they had 16 trampolines to pick from. And they had a big house with 3 bathrooms. After 16 days, they were going to move to Rapid City.

So, after Willard tells his story, Maynard has to tell one:

(A recap of Willard's story:)
I saw a human in a store, and I saw somebody lost, and then there was a police. He took him to his was a long story.

One time he wanted to go swimming with fish, and he saw a fish jump up. And he had a long fish, and it jumped up, and he throwed it over there, and he caught it, and he pulled it up, but it was too heavy. But he got it up, but it was bad, and it had sharp teeth! It was a grouper. And he cutted the teeth off...that's funny...then he ate his eyes, then he ate his face, then he cooked him up for his family, then he ate him. Then he wanted to catch a whole bunch.


Sunday, July 5, 2009



Last night, while watching the fireworks, Maynard found a cricket.


I guess he was chasing it around, trying to get it...


He ran over to me, (knowing that I am not a big fan of crickets) and said loudly:

Mom!......If I see that cricket......and it comes over to you...... I'll KICK IT IN THE FACE!