Friday, February 8, 2008


Our conversation at the dinner table tonight:

Willard: "Maynard, you should eat your cheese. It's good for your brain!"

Maynard: "Uh huh!"

Me: "Willard, where is your brain?"

Willard points to his shoulders, "On my shoulders. One on this side, and one on this side."

Maynard: "Doh-ders" (Shoulders)

Me: "Really! What does your brain do?"

Willard: "It keeps us warm."

Maynard: "Wahm." (Warm)

Me: "How does it keep us warm?"

Willard: "Well, it uses elbows."

Me: "How does it use elbows?"

Willard: "By being in our backs all day and all night."

Me: "Really?"

Willard: "Cause it over slepts, it stays warm."

Maynard: "Wahm."

Other great Willardisms from the dinner table:

"Excuse me Manyard. You shouldn't go on tracks. The train could come, and run you over, and you could get burned! Its very dangerous."

Then he said: "And then, last day, I heard a big FLASH! And it was lightning from outside, and it means a storm is coming!"

Then after dinner:

"Mom, Maynard threw something in the toilet!" "Maynard! That is Busgusting!"

Our beautiful four year old is getting so big.

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