Monday, January 7, 2008

A Note to the Weather Channel...

To Whom it may concern,

I seem to be tolerable of certain things, but I have just had it. I am disturbed by the extreme liberal bias when it comes to your station's position on "Global Warming." Not only do you have several meteorologists that constantly tell us that humans are ruining this world, you also have the balls to tell me that "weather changed history". What kind of people are running your station? Just because you have a monopoly on the weather doesn't mean you can feed me a bunch of non-verifiable crap about "global warming" and expect me not to be disturbed. I refuse to watch when "Dr." Blah-Blah Cullen is on, and Abrahams and Bettes is just another sorry excuse for a "program". Tell me what the weather could be like tomorrow, not how I can reduce my "carbon footprint". How are you going to explain the heat wave of the future when God will judge the earth and man with fire (Read Revelation!)?

Please pull your head out of the shrinking, yes shrinking, hole in the ozone layer and start giving me the weather. When you say, local on the 8's, I expect the local on the 8's. Not Storm Stories or It Could Happen Tomorrow or Forecast Earth.

When did "Weather" change history? This "fascinating new series" along with most of the other ones are a waste of time. No where in these programs does it mention what kind of carbon footprint Mt. St. Helens had when it erupted back in the 80's, let alone all the little burps it has. After an eruption the weather changes, not before. I thought weather MADE history, remember Katrina? If you are going to make poor shows, at least use the right words.

Maybe I will stop watching your station all together, and get my forecasts from my local news station and get the national weather from the national weather service website.

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