Monday, February 4, 2008

2 Oreos.

I went to the Y earlier, thought I would get a good workout in.

I started off in the express workout room, since the Y was PACKED and I don't like exercising in front of lots of people(unless my hubby is there because he makes me feel good...(insert sappy love song here)). That little workout area is so cool. After I was done with that, I had more time to workout, so I was going to do some yoga in the little room that the yoga class is normally held, but there was another class going on in there, so I had to go to the back of the wellness center and do it.

Talk about embarrassing. I somewhat know what poses to do, but it was out in the open and I kinda felt violated. Well, maybe that isn't the word, but I did feel embarrased. I needed to get a good stretch in and that is the only place where it was practical.

Shortly after I sat down to stretch, a gal that I used to work with (in the same building) came over and was stretching next to me...she still works there; her hair shorter and lighter. We made small talk. Then after she left, a guy started stretching next to me, and we made small talk...mostly because when I get nervous I start talking to myself, so I figure I better start talking to him or he would call the cops and have me committed.

We started talking about yoga, and he wondered why I do it. I explained it is very relaxing and it helps with strength and balance. He had thought about going to some classes, but that he hadn't yet. He also told a funny story about how his sister dragged his brother-in-law (her husband) to one, and he "passed gas" in class, and the wife just couldn't stop laughing. The teacher in the class said that he must be really relaxed. I just said..well I guess that happens! (But in my head...a I have to worry about that too. I was just worried about falling over, but now this!) I vote for neither happening to me. EVER.

After stretching, I wanted to go to an "ab attack" class, but the last class appeared to still be going on, so I spent a few minutes trying to find the class. It ended up being in the same room, taught by the same teacher, and I only caught the last 5 minutes. And I tweaked my neck doing situps. I should have known better. But the instructor did help me with questions about my problem areas, and told me that I needed to do more Cardio. Bleh. I'd rather suck waxed fruit (a quote from Robin Williams, as Batty Koda, from Ferngully ).

I went back into the wellness center to do more "cardio" and got on a weird looking machine. It was near the back of all the machines, and next to a pole, so I felt a little better about my insecurities. It was grey and yellow, and it was like an eliptical and a stair stepper in one, but it looked like something the terminator would work out on...even though he is metal on the inside, and doesnt need to work out...

Well, in 10 minutes on the funky strider terminator looking thing, I burned 97 calories. 97. That is probably not even 2 Oreos. Nice. So I felt like a big fat hairy beast. (An Ice Age-The Meltdown reference):

***Fast Tony: [stopping female ox] You, ma'am! You look like a big *fat* hairy beast. How you'd like to lost a ton or two? Female Ox: Uh! Would I ever! Fast Tony: Well, now you can, with Fast Tony's miracle diet! Male Ox: Don't listen to him, Vera. You're already thin as a twig. [the two leave] Fast Tony: And I also have the perfect cure for your eyesight, my blind friend. ***

So I got off the machine, went to the locker room and ate some yummy crackers. I would have eaten the whole box, but it was at home.

Cardio. Mmm...rhymes with Oreo.

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