Thursday, May 29, 2008

Willard is 5!

A few days ago, I had mentioned to Willard that his birthday was coming up soon. I asked him what he wanted.

"Birthday Cake and Cupcakes," he stated.

I replied, "Well, we can make one or the other."

"Birthday Cake."

So, I just left it at that. He was busy playing, and it seemed not to click right away.

Later he came up to me and said, "Mom, I'm going to be FIVE!"

I said, "Yes, you are! Is there anything besides Birthday Cake that you want?"

"Presents!", he shouted.

"What kind of presents?" I asked.

"A fire engine." He said matter-of-factly.

"Is there anything else you would like besides a fire engine?" I asked.

"Well, I want Maynard to get an engine too. But he can have a smaller one, since I am bigger," he commented.

So, Randy ran to the store a couple days later and got a couple fire engines. I also picked up a couple of little Semis and a couple of portable fans.

So this morning, he came running into our room and said, "I am 5!" The four of us snuggled up together in our bed and sang Happy Birthday a few times.

Today was his special day. He got to choose which cereal he wanted...rice puffs or something. (Thanks to Randy, I got to take a cat nap this morning!)

For lunch we asked him what he wanted. He said "Arby's" right off the bat, but we knew he has been wanting to go to Peppy's Pizza. We suggested a few places, and he repeated "Peppy's" before we could suggest anything else.

We piled into the van and headed down there. Peppy's has this "creature/puppet" that rides around on this little track, and talks to people. It is really cool, however, today Willard was being shy and didn't really enjoy "Peppy the Pizzasaurus" or his antics and singing. He did smile a few times, but he just wanted to eat so he could ride the rides and play the games.


Here is Willard enjoying his lunch:


Here he is playing a game with Maynard--one of their favorite games there:


Here he is trying Dance Dance Revolution. (This game is harder than I expected, though, it would be a good way to stumble into shape, in the comfort of my own home, when the kids are asleep.):


Here he is going down the slide--one of a hundred times:

(Love the blur?)


After we went to Peppy's, we went to visit our dear friend in a nursing home, who is also celebrating her birthday today. Though she is 91, she is still a kid at heart. Maynard was asleep in the van with Randy, so Willard and I went up and sang Happy Birthday and gave her a picture and a card.

Then we asked Willard what he would like me to make for dinner. He said Macaroni and Cheese. We stopped by the store and got some ARTHUR Mac and Cheese.

We arrived home, and He and I started on his cake. I asked him if he wanted Apple Cake or Carrot Cake, and he said Carrot Cake.

Here he is, adding carrots to the Food Processor: It was turned off!


Here he is with cake batter on his chin, getting ready to lick his fingers:


After we got the cake in the oven, I made Arthur Mac and Cheese:


Maynard loved it too. He is into making weird faces when the camera is out:


When dinner was over, we sang Happy Birthday and Willard got to blow out his candles. Here they are enjoying the cake (and milk!):



Then it was time for presents. He was excited to share his gifts, which is nice, since they fight over every little thing!:


A card:


Oh, and I thought I would share this one of Willard opening presents. He inherited this from me. When I concentrate hard, I do the same thing:



And the engines! Willard was so excited for Maynard to get one too:


They got to play for about an hour before it was bedtime. He said he had lots of fun on his birthday, so mission accomplished!


Wednesday, May 21, 2008


My neighbors probably heard me groan that.

Tonight, I recorded the American Idol Finale, since it was going to air when the kids were getting ready for bed, and I didn't want to miss it.

I sat down occasionally, watching the show in between chores. After I got the kids into bed, I settled in and continued to watch, bag of chips in hand. We have a DVR, and it is really handy, especially when I want to make sure I don't miss things. Oh, and fast forward through the Jonas Brothers, George Michael, and that dude in the white hat and cape.

(On a side note, David Cook, doing the impersonation of Tom Cruise in Risky
for Guitar Hero...well, that is just hot. I rewound that a couple times. Come to think of it, I have never even watched that movie....)

So, I am watching, waiting, hoping, etc...

Seacrest says, and the winner is...


And my DVR stopped recording, right at that moment. I DON'T KNOW WHO WON! I yelled, "OH, COME ON!" to my DVR, then started to shake my head and giggle.

Yes, I could google it. Yes, I could call my sister and find out. BUT I WANTED TO SEE IT, and I am a bit ticked and a bit amused all at the same time.

Technology. Love it or hate it, it's here to stay.

Oh, and don't tell me who won. I want to sit and steam a bit. So, I have to turn off my computer and only watch pre-recorded shows. Good thing Ugly Betty is on tomorrow!

Monday, May 19, 2008

Sunday's Willardism

*OK, I haven't been all to regular on here...sorry! Life gets busy, and I get lazy. No excuses.

Yesterday, while eating at a potluck, Willard was asking what he was eating. There were the little mini weiners. I told him they were mini weinies.

After he had cleaned his plate, he said, "Mom, can you please get me some me-me's?"

I pretended I couldn't hear him.

"What was that son?" (Yes, I do call him son, LOL)

"Can I please have more me-me's?"

I just sorta giggled, and then looked over at Randy, who was getting more himself. "Hun, can you please grab Willard more me-me's?"

Randy said, "What?"

I said, "Me-me' know, mini weinies."

We both just chuckled. Willard just ate them, thinking nothing of it!