Wednesday, February 27, 2008

A Bunch of Sickos Around Here.

Really. All of us are Sick. Willard seems to be the least bit, but still has a bit of a cough. Maynard has been lounging around for the last 2 days. Kinda nice really, since I feel as though I have been hit by a bus and I only have to chase after one wild and crazy kid. I did take a Epsom Salt bath last night, which seemed to help quite a bit. Maybe it was the peace and quiet?

Good news though...I have lost 2 lbs in the last few days. Again...anything to loose a little weight hey? Well, maybe it was the dancing this weekend. But it could been the fact that I haven't been eating much. It will all come back once my appetite is back. I'm hoping my stomach shrinks a bit by then...wishful thinking!

I do hope we all get over this shortly! It has sure taken its toll. I am going to shove us all full of zinc, vitamin C, and water and hope we all are better for these nice days that are coming up! It is supposed to be almost 60 (yes 60!) on Saturday! I am excited to get working on the yard again. Though, not excited for the land mines from the dog.

I might take another bath again tonight. I googled Epsom Salt, and found that it is actually quite good for you. Its a great way to naturally flush toxins (right up my alley) and relax. Also great for many other things, but right now, all I can think about is getting better.

Until next time...

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gordostyle said...

Hope all of you feel better soon!

Smiles & good health,