Monday, February 4, 2008

Closet Football Fan(atic)?

It is late...But I have been working on my computer and getting a new antivirus program, so maybe it is justified? Or not.

Either way.

I watched the last quarter of the SuperBowl today. I normally would only watch it if Randy was, but since he is on the road, I thought I might turn it on, since I heard it was supposed to be a good game. Randy actually got to watch some of it too, just a few states away! We called each other and talked about it too. (Its just how we roll...)

Our favorite team never goes to the SuperBowl, so I always have to figure out who to hoop and holler for. And I never make bets. My husband lost all of his hair in a bet one year. I should post pictures of that odd and somewhat frightening experience. Nah.

Anyhow, I sat on the couch with a blanket and Maynard came up and wanted to duddle (Maynardese for Cuddle). So he and I watched the amazing 4th quarter. After the Giant's first touchdown, I was yelling (since I was rooting for them...they were the underdogs!) and Willard stops playing with his semi, looks up at me and says in a calm voice..."Mom, if you need to yell, go to your room. We only yell in our room, Mom."

I suppose he is just calling me on what I teach him!

I tried to keep my cheers to a dull roar, and little Maynard even got into the cheers with me. Clapping hands, and I think I even heard him say Giants, which in Maynardese is Diands. Every time I would get all pumped up, Willard would look at me perplexed, then "shunt" (yes he still is into that!) his semi into my empty water glass and it would slide across the coffee table.

Ok, I just admitted to cheering while watching the TV...alone (well, without other adults around). I am such a dork! Like my enthusiasm and cheers are going to "Calm down Eli, just relax and take a deep breath.", "Tighten up the defense, you can do this, guys!" or "Stop grabbing yourself or at least turn around!" (If you were watching, you probably have that burned into your memory as well...where one the guys clearly adjusted himself. It kinda made me sick.). And what about "Here we go Giants, here we go (and I did the we go). I am offically banned from watching football.

So, maybe I need to get out more. Maybe watching football is a way to connect to my tom-boy past, or maybe it was cool to watch the guys run around in the tight pants. Or maybe I needed to loose my voice. My throat is a tad sore now.

Either way, I enjoyed it, and now everybody knows...well, all 1 of you...(Thanks for reading Randy! Thanks for putting up with me! I love you!)

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