Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Willard's actions, phrases and funky words

Willard is 3 1/2 and he talks up a storm. He is still a big Thomas the Train fan, so many of his words and actions come from there. His current favorite phrases include:

"Bust my Buffers!"

"That's not fair, I got soot all over my face." (*doesn't sound like soot most of the time.)

He also has to "shunt" everything, including grocery carts, brother, cars, toys, boxes, etc.

He also likes to "couple up" to everything. He will grab on to the back of my shirt, Maynard's shirt, Daddy's, and couple up, and then he makes train noises.

When he is doing something and doesnt want help..."I wanna do it all-my-by-self." He hasn't quite gotten the myself separate from by yet, so he switches them!

Funny Vocab. So, being 3, he doesn't quite say his L's good. He tries, but we are not too worried about it.

Alligator--instead of the "ll", put a "W"..and use it in place of elevator. "I wanna go in the awigator!"

Pony nail...sounds just about right, but he uses it in place of hang nail.

"I got a pony nail!" ("Do you need help with it?") No, I do it all-my-by-self!"

Yogurt. He grabs the exercise mat and says, "Mommy, I wanna do yogurt!" -instead of Yoga.

Axawent- "It was an axawent, mommy" (Accident)

This one came about around Christmas:

Negg Dog. "I want to help you make Negg Dog!" (Egg Nog)

I will add more later! When I think of them!

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