Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Oh,What a (Beautiful?) Morning!

My day has been less than ideal.

But let me back up. I didn't want to talk about it last night, so I will tell you now.

Remember how I tried to do an ab attack class and tweaked my neck a bit? It hadn't gotten any better, but I have been babying it a little. Randy was expected home last night and I went and got in a workout at the Y and then I blowdried my hair, put on mascara and lip gloss and I even had my nice boots on (3 inch heels..they are UBER cute!).

After walking around in them all day yesterday, I got the call that he was finally on his way
(after getting stuck in Belle for a while), so I got the kids all loaded up ready to go pick him up from the yard. My neck was bothering me a bit, but since I am not good at math, I never put 2 and 2 together.

We get home, eat and start getting the kids ready for bed. I needed to go get some things for him from the grocery store. While Randy was getting them into bed, I ran to the store. I had to get a few gallons of water, some food, and also a case of bottled water for him to take with him.

By midpoint in my shopping trip, I realized that my neck pain was getting even worse, and I still had to lift the water and groceries out of the cart and into the van.

I get home and Randy unloaded the van for me, and after I put the cold stuff away, I just sat on the couch and wanted to relax and check my email, write a blog, etc. After a while, I got up and started moving around (still had my dang boots on!). I started putting the water away and my neck and back just started cramping up and I couldn't move my left arm without causing serious pain. I poured some olive oil into a cup and started warming it, thinking that Randy would be able to rub the muscle to make it feel better. I finally took my boots off, and then did the math...duh!

The massage was great, but it only dulled the pain a bit. So, I figured if I just went to bed, I would feel better in the morning.


Since I had (just kidding babe!) to share the bed with Randy, I slept really awkward and when I woke up to go to a meeting this morning...there was no getting up. Randy had left at 6am to go finish getting unloaded/loaded, and I was not in any position to start getting the kids ready, let alone drive anywhere. Thankfully, the kids were playing nicely in their room.

I got a call from one of the ladies that I was supposed to meet with (since I didn't have her number off hand and I wasn't about to go searching). I let her know I wasnt going to make it. Right afterwards, Maynard came into the room, wanting to duddle (cuddle in Maynardese). So, he climbed up, got his little legs under the covers and prepared for laying down. Well, he was trying to be funny, and he whipped back to lay down. Well, my face, more specifically, my eye, was directly in his path.

So, after I jerked out of bed from the pain of my eye, then lay back down from the pain of my neck, I just wanted to cry. In fact, I did, but don't tell anyone.

I had to get up and get a cold pack and some lavender and had to put my thoughts together for the day...

Here I am blogging...with a bruised eye, and a strained neck...I might have to go get a massage for Valentine's Day...

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