Monday, February 25, 2008


Willard wanted gwah-nih-wah this morning for breakfast. Maynard (Cereal). Maynard has been saying that for many weeks now, but it was the first time Willard was specific. After using my sleuthing skills, I poured him a bowl of granola...his favorite.

I got to work tonight for a few hours. It was very odd being back in the swing of things. I know I might not work again for a few weeks, but it was strangely fun to be at work.

A kinda crazy thing happened at work though. There was a "perp" hanging out in their vehicle in the parking lot. Some of the gals got a bit nervous, and the manager ended up calling the PD. I guess they caught up with him after he left the parking lot.

I get the silly scenarios going through my head:

1. What if I went out and knocked on the window and was so scary, they'd leave the parking lot....not a good plan. Even if you have pepper spray.
2. What if they are just putting the kids to sleep in the vehicle and need to have a place to sit and read a book?
3. What if they follow me home and knock me off the road and shoot me. (I know...a little extreme, since I was driving our work truck.)
4. What if they just were looking at a map?
5. Why am I worried about this?
6. Ok, I'm done.

Well, it's bed time for mommas. I have a sore throat. I suppose a run to Staple and Spice will have to happen tomorrow for some sort of throat spray.


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