Wednesday, January 12, 2011


It's late. And that is my problem! I think of writing on here when it's late, and then I don't want to, because it turns into a big deal! So, I thought I would at least catch up with what has been going on.

I have been busy. Busy chasing chickens. Busy planning a garden. All of this and taking care of the family.

First, the Family. They are all amazing, and they are doing well. My husband's job is working out well, and though it has been cold, he has been battling old man winter without too many complaints! We have also been able to spend precious time with the In-Loves, and the boys enjoy getting to see their grandparents!

Then we have the chickens. We got 7 6-month-old pullets at the end of October. They have adjusted well to living here, and enjoyed getting grasshopper treats from the boys, who were designated grasshopper hunters. They had plenty of things to do and places to go, but they don't have full access to all of the yard...yet. Actually, I will be keeping them toward the south of the house, since I will be putting in a garden and I don't want them bumming around, digging up and eating my seedlings. Now that it has been cold, they have been more confined, but they still go out bummin' through the snow, looking for something to peck at.

Then, right before Thanksgiving, a friend of mine told me about a craigslist ad with some babies for sale. I called regarding the ad and ended up getting some baby chicks! They were 2 weeks old when I picked them up. Then, a few weeks later, I got a call from the man I got the babies from and he wanted to know if I wanted 4 more. He was moving and wasn't able to keep the ones he had. So here I am with 9 babies! They are about 2 months old right now, and they live with the big girls, but in a separate side. They do mingle when they go outside, but, again, the cold has been hindering their playtime outside. They seem to get along pretty well when they are all together. (I had a cute little picture of our *surprise* rooster, but it won't load!)

And then there is, The Garden.

This was from my last garden-2 years ago this spring. I miss digging in and getting my hands dirty. Not to mention how wonderful it feels to know that I can use my time and energy toward providing good, healthy food for my family.

So, I have been planning a garden. And, with permission from my husband, he said, "Whatever makes you happy."

He has been so loving and supportive with my crazy ideas, so I hope to provide him with some delicious food, and be able to teach the boys how to help the ground produce food!

So, really, that is a majority of what I have been up to. There is so much more to say, but it is late, and I must get to bed.