Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Yoga moves...Bunk Beds...

Yes it is late. Way past my bedtime. Oh well, I am not all that tired anyhow.

I was reading a friend's blog and she mentioned the Pioneer Woman, and so I was intrigued and I decided to read the love story she was blogging about. So, after I put the boys to bed, I plopped down on my now not-so-comfy couch and started reading, and reading, and reading. It has surely renewed fun, old feelings of Randy and my early relationship. She has only written 25 "mini chapters" so far-dating him (her Marlboro Man) for less than 2 months! I cant wait to read more on how their relationship grows and comb my brain for those long forgotten memories. Oh, remembering the little things...I miss my babe. He is coming home soon.

My day was busy yet fun. Ever since we went away on vacation, Maynard has been sleeping quite poorly, requiring many trips to his bed, especially now that we are home. Last night, he was up probably 3 times, all before 2am, and he ended up crawling into bed with me about 3:50. I had 3 alarms set for this morning, as I was heading to the MOPS meeting. I snoozed them all, somewhat unknowingly, since I had gotten little rest anyway. Willard woke up and came into our room and I looked at the time, and I was running late. Not super late, but later than I should have been. So, I got the boys their bananas, got them dressed, got their "breakfast of choice" ready. For Willard, cereal in a cup, and Maynard wanted rice crackers. Since they both had eaten their banana already, I didn't mind too much, since it is rare we eat breakfast on the road. Maynard was in MMM-Major Meltdown Mode for the majority of the morning, though he was calm in the childcare room. But after MOPS, when I needed to clean up, he continued the meltdown from earlier.

MOPS was great. Although I forgot to eat since it was craft day and I am so anal about those things that I spent the majority of the time doing the craft. I did enjoy it though, but there is a reason why crafts and me are only mixed in small doses. I drive myself crazy. I did win a door prize, including 2 books for me and a DVD for the kiddos and that was a nice surprise.

While the boys took naps, I checked my email quick, then lay down for a nap, but I couldn't get comfortable, so I started reading the "Christian Fiction Romance Novel" that was in the door prize. I haven't really read Fiction since High School, let alone a "romance" novel, and though it isn't my first choice, it was there, and I started reading it. I have to laugh now, because I found myself using accents in my head (one of the main characters has an English accent) and I also had turned on the tele (or should I say pore magnifier) to a recording of Beyond Tomorrow, which has an English accented host. Entertaining at least, for me to "read" in an English accent. I haven't gotten too far into the book, since the boys woke up early from their nap, and wanted to watch a video. I may have to continue tomorrow, since I want to know if she gets to open her shop or not. (Its a romance novel, of course she gets the guy!)

Then earlier tonight, I went to Yoga (3rd time!) at the Y, and the kids got to go play whilst I relaxed and enjoyed myself. Other than the occasional mention of spiritual things, the class is fantastic at relaxing me and helps strengthen my muscles and helps with balance. I sure can be unstable! One of the poses helped me though tonight.

Maynard has been up about 4 times, and because they share a room, I don't want him screaming, waking up Willard. I be-bop into the room and half lay on the bed, half kneel on the floor. One thing about Maynard's bed is that it is quite noisy when I try to remove my large limbs from it. I have to lift just my leg off the bed, without grunting, pulling a muscle, or falling over into a pile of toys that I let them keep out. My new yoga moves came in handy, a little shaky, but I still managed to do it with minimal noise. I am glad to know that when he wakes up and asks "duhdoh me" (Cuddle me), I have a great way to get off the bed without disturbing him too much. That, and hiding behind his stuffed monkey, Hector, so that if he wakes up he sees him...

So I want to get bunk beds. I have a whopping 5 dollars invested into their current beds (other than Maynard's mattress) and I am pumped to start looking for one. I know it will probably be a year, but I don't mind planning ahead. I must save up for it anyway!

I am going to hit the sack. Night.

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