Saturday, January 5, 2008

Dashing Through the Snow, a novel...part two.

The rest of the trip was great as well. I got to play Jeopardy with my folks on Thursday night. My mom got the game for my dad, with little buzzers and all, and it was such a blast!

I went out with my sister and a few cousins on Friday night, including a great karaoke performance from a cousin's boyfriend. If you have ever watched the movie Fargo, you would laugh to try to imagine the accent from that movie, sang to Jimmy Buffet's Cheeseburger in Paradice...not Paradise...ParadICE. It was so funny, and Johnny-if you are out were awesome!

Willard and I went to a birthday party for a cousin's daughter on Saturday, first sledding at the golf course...FUN!!!


Willard enjoyed every minute of it! Although I may have had more fun than he did. When I was younger, we always went to the neighbors to go sliding, or get pulled behind the snowmobile. I forgot how much fun it is, but it brought back many great memories. I can't wait till Maynard is un-crabby enough to go with us. (He got so crabby when I put him on the sled in my folk's yard, I just left him with Grandma-thanks M-A!) If only it would snow more than a half inch out here!

The boys on the sleds in my folk's yard-Mr. Crabby Pants and Mr. Go Faster:


After sliding we went back to my cousin's house. I managed to over eat on some not-so-healthy food, and ended up being crabby the rest of the night. I had every intention on staying at one of my sister's house that night but I was just too crabby. Blah!

Sunday, a few of us went to one of our Aunt's house to play 10,000-a fun dice game, and boggle. After a while, I brought the boys back to my folks, put Maynard down for bed, and Willard stayed up to watch Grandpa clean the crappies he caught that day. My mom got some great pictures of the boys laughing at the fish jumping on the table! I went back and visited with them, learning new words like dramalama and finding out definitions for mexican heartburn and others. I was also called "Random" by one of my cousins because I have many different things that I do, that seem contradictory. Too funny. I guess I really never thought of my self as Random, but I suppose I am.

In this picture, Maynard got spooked because a fish jumped (you can see the tail on the bottom):


New Year's Eve we went to church for a while, then went over to another cousin's house to play games all night. (I love games, but I don't get to play too much in SD!) One of my sisters was there, her husband, my cousin and his wife, and one of his friends were there, plus all of our kids. We played Moods(FUN!), Taboo, Cranium (Girls against Guys...we won!), Scattergories, among others. All the kids seemed to fall asleep at their own pace, Maynard waited until 4 am to finally crash (he had some artificial colors earlier at the church--gets him wired). I spent the night there, but didn't get to bed until 5:30! We had champagne to celebrate the New Year as well.

Tuesday, I stayed at their house, doing an impromptu bible study with my cousin, and then went back to my folk's later. The boys got to take a bubble bath.

This is Maynard from BEFORE Willard squeezed about a 1/4 cup of body wash (yummy Raspberry Winter from Giovanni) into the jacuzzi tub:


Here are some more...notice how many bubbles...oops! My parents just laughed though, and handed me the camera again!




Wednesday, we pretty much stayed home, getting ready to leave the next day. We intended on going to town to visit, but we just stayed home. I had an impromptu study with my uncle and his daughter that evening as well.

Thursday, we got ready to leave, and meant to leave about 1:30 pm, but then decided to wait until one sister came over and my dad came then it changed to 4:30, but we ended up getting on the road about 6:30, after visiting my best friend at her house, and trying to catch my other sister and my brother at home.

The trip home was pretty good. I tried to nap when the boys were sleeping, but Maynard woke up and started crying. Even after I took him and had him lay with me in the front seat he wouldn't stop crying. He calmed down after he realized that CARS was on the DVD player, but I still only got about a half hour of rest. So I was tired the rest of the way. My MP3 player took over 5 hours to charge since it had to be connected to my laptop, so I had to listen to the studies on my laptop, and it doesn't get very loud. I tried to nap a couple more times along the way, but woke up to the boys waking up. One of them was "Mom, I have to Poop!"

We got home, and since the boys have had naps, I got the van unloaded while the boys played outside, and then went and washed and vacuumed the van out at the "scrubbly bubbly" car wash (from a book that the boys LOVE!). After a few more errands, we came home and and they took a nap. They slept late, so we all didn't get to bed until late. I am hoping to get them back on track this coming week, since Randy hopes to be back at the end of the week. He and his friend (they team-truck together) are in Albuquerque over the weekend. They do have a friend down there, so they got to hang out with him for a while tonight.

We get to go to church tomorrow, and then I hope to come home and put the boys down for a nap, so I can take one too! Then I have to tackle this house, again. It was pretty tidy when I got home, but I had to unload the van into it, and there are still a few things to put away. (I did get my new shower curtain put up though!) I also have to dust the living room, since Randy had a new door installed, along with a corner stand for his new TV. High definition just isn't all that flattering on some people...who knew one could count pores?

On that note...I am off to bed!

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