Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Home again.

(We finally have our cable back up! I wrote this one ahead of time as well, and just saved it to my computer)

Our trip home from Fargo went good. We got a late start back to Rapid, (by about 30 hours late--haha--the joke was on Randy...not really.) We ate supper in Sioux Falls and Randy drank about a gallon of coffee, and we were off.

I don't drink coffee, so I got tired about an hour and a half after we pulled out of Sioux Falls. We pulled into a little truck stop area, and parked the truck and van, and we all piled into the sleeper of the truck. Willard sprawled out across the foot of the twin size mattress. Maynard insisted on "duddle me" (Cuddle me in Maynardese) or he would scream bloody murder. So, in order for us to fit, Maynard made a small triangle leg, feet toward Willard but not touching because then they both flip out and start kicking and hitting. Maynard still demanded to be next to me...that left about 4 feet of the mattress for Randy and I.

Since I needed to be next to Maynard, Randy had to contort himself with one knee up in the air, and I used one of my legs to hold his other leg from falling off the edge of the bed. Well, I slept pretty good, but Randy was wired and uncomfortable. He got about 2 hours of sleep at the most.

We woke up this morning and my shoulder was sore from sleeping on it funny. We went into the store to get some breakfast and use the restrooms. The boys were well rested and fired up, and Randy grabbed more coffee. I had a yummy, yet very, very bad rice crispy/peanut butter bar with chocolate on top. MMM my mouth is watering just thinking about it. The boys had a banana nut muffin and cheese. They love cheese.

A couple hours from home, I picked up a couple of hitchhikers, (Ok, they weren't hitchhikers-but a husband and wife who were stranded on the side of the road with a flat tire and they were on their way to a funeral in Presho and they didn't want to be late.) I tried to get Willard in the back seat quickly, but it wasn't working out all that great since the booster seat didn't want to fit back there without knocking out Maynard. So, I finally got Willard in the back, and it was still butt cold out, and the nice couple was getting cold, so I just threw the stuff from the front seat, into the middle row, and they both piled into the front seat. We made small talk, since, well, talking about funerals isn't really comfortable. They have two boys, 6 and 4 and another child on the way.

Willard pipes up from the back of the van, "Excuse me, Mom."

"Yes, honey what is it?"I asked.

"Yoshi peed all over back here." (Yoshi is our dog.)

"I don't think he did honey." It was probably the water dish he has back there."

"Ok Mom, its just that is all over!" all excited and exaggerated.

We all just chuckled.

They asked if it was Ok if I dropped them off at the school, where the service was. I jokingly told them no, and that I would only be able to drop them off on the freeway and they would have to walk the rest of the way. There were several cars at the school, so I found a place to pull over so I could drop them off and rearrange Willard's seat. I also grabbed an Orange Divine, hoping the sugar buzz would keep me going.

Randy had gone on ahead and we met up again about an hour later for a potty break. Maynard managed to soak through his clothes, and thankfully I packed a couple extra pieces of clothing, because the silly kid had nothing but 2 onesies in his diaper bag. And he only had ONE diaper left. We didn't want to over pack when we left, so we only filled the diaper bag with diapers, and he burned through them quite quickly. (I wonder who packed that was me!) Good thing we were only an hour from home!

We got home and unloaded the van, went and vacuumed it out and ran errands while the kids napped. Now we have no cable since the dog got carried away and got into one of the cable wires and ripped it off the house. The cable guy is coming tomorrow to fix it.

All in all it was a great trip, and though it was cold, I might even go back. Well, maybe in the summer.

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