Thursday, March 13, 2008

The tiniest things...

Imagine it is a beautiful Spring day. A rain storm just passed over, and off in the distance you see the remnants of the storm. You keep staring and suddenly there is a ray of light coming out of the clouds, illuminating the air. Beautiful sight. Have you ever seen that same effect when a curtain is opened slightly and the sun is beaming in through the little crack? Sometimes, if it's in the afternoon, and the sun is beating on the same spot on the floor, I want to lay down on it like a cat, bellyup, not a care in the world. Ahhhh....OK, back to reality.

The two boys are constantly fighting over the tiniest things, mostly toys. I never thought that it would be something as funny as this. This morning, before we took off for the day, our boys were in the livingroom. I was on the phone with my loving husband, and I started to hear yelling and screaming from the livingroom.

I walk in the livingroom loudly (well, loudly with my voice HA! "What's going on?!"), they both look up at me...I look at them and am confused, since they were both playing with nothing. Though, there was a beautiful stream of sun coming in the room from the crack in the curtain. Ahhhhh....

I turn around to leave the room, and they start fighting again. (No, I want to! No, It's my turn!) What in the world?

So I ask, "What are you two fighting over?"

I look over, and they are shoving each other. I walk up to them, and ask, "What seems to be the problem?"

Willard and Maynard both look at me funny again. Then Willard says, "But Mom, it's my turn to play with the dust!"

I about peed.

My boys were fighting over dust. Yes. Dust. They figured out that when the sun shines in, and they get on the furniture, little pieces of dust fly up and you can see them in the sunlight!

And since they truly do fight over the tiniest things, it was inevitable that this would happen!

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