Sunday, March 23, 2008

Boxes and a Hidden Willardism.

I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend!

So I thought I would expand on the box issue...since it really has been bothering me since I found the box under the bed. I find it quite humorous, yet strange.

I save boxes. I don't know why. Most of the boxes actually contain the original item that I bought. Maybe I am just anal? Maybe I am weird...ok, I know I am weird. Maybe I am a bit OCD? I generally keep these boxes in their proper places. Closets, Shelves, etc...but I did look around to see what boxes I was keeping.

My husband made a corner shelf for his new pore magnifying television he got in December. He needed a woodworking tool to finish the edges or something. I STILL HAVE THE BOX. (And the bags!)(HAHAHA! We still have the box for the TV in the garage as well because it is a nice piece to lay down on top of the concrete!)

I have the computer box from this very computer sitting in the garage. Our computer is 4 years old.

I do keep shoe boxes, but that is because they are so darn handy!

But there is more.

About 6 years ago, I also bought a "hair dryer" (I call it a blow dryer. Someone corrected me, but I still can't get over it.). I never really used it. I STILL HAVE THE BOX. And the bag it gets wrapped in. And NOW, since I have a "current" hair 'do...I HAVE to blow dry my hair after I take a shower. And yes, I put it back in the bag, back in the box. (WEIRD?) I still haven't figured out the volumizer attachment.

And while I am on this subject...There are 3 things I don't like doing with my hair. In no particular order:

1. Blow "Hair" drying.
2. Curling/Flattening/Fixing "Styling" (correction).
3. Using Hair Spray/Mousse/Gel "Product" (another correction).

And guess what? I HAVE TO DO ALL THREE NOW. What a nice punishment for trying to cut my own hair. That means I also have to look at my ever graying hair too. Nice. I still have to post a picture of it, don't I? Bleh...I am still getting used to it.

Ok...where was I?


In the winter of 1999, right while we moved to South Dakota, I bought a keyboard, since I enjoy playing the piano, but I can't really play. I won't even tell Randy how much I paid for it. I had it out recently (ok, it was in the fall!), since the boys were interested in it. I STILL HAVE THE BOX. With the styrofoam. And the keyboard stand box too. So, since it was collecting dust again...I put it away today.

I have a set of Steam set hot curlers or something like that...Aqua Curl. They come in a container, that you put water in the bottom, plug it in, and the curlers have wax in them and the wax heats up, the water evaporates and penetrates the velvet wrapped curlers and all of that helps curl your hair. I got these in High School. I have used them probably a dozen times...I STILL HAVE THE BOX!

More Boxes:

External Hard Drive

Wireless Router

Wireless Adapter


Foot Massager/Bubble Bath (Yes, I put it back in the bag, back in the box)

Hand Held Steamer (Don't use that one often Heck...the last time I even IRONED was when I ironed ribbon for gifts I was making in December! Still in the bag though!)

Cell Phone

Candles (I don't really burn them anymore. I have two boys. They never stay lit!)

Toothpaste (Yes, this one is odd, but I like reading about the toothpaste...a snippet from the back..."most other toothpastes contain gritty abrasives: sand, bone and chalk that can damage teeth by..." ...brightens and cleans without harming ... " ...has incorporated this nonabrasive fiber into a remarkably effective..." OK I just threw it away. But it contains no saccharin...whatever that is. And it's cinnamon flavored, and every once in a while I like to change things up!)

Food Processor (I found out tonight that you can cut up beef in chunks, and put it in there, and pulse it until it makes ground beef! That is so cool. No more 6 bucks a lb. for ground beef! YAY! I thought I needed a special tool! I made Sloppy Jews. Well, that is what Willard called them, until I corrected him (after I giggled a bit, cause it was so darn funny!). Sorry for the slur, and for anyone who might have been offended or may come across this in a google search...but he is only 4...And I did correct him--they are Sloppy JOES!!) (OH...and we do talk about Jews and Gentiles and the that is probably where he got that from!)

Sweater Making Machine

Diapers (I actually use these boxes for all kinds of things, mostly toys, books, donations and such.)

Make-Up (I started to wear mascara and lip gloss since it adds a little life, but I had to buy new stuff since all of my stuff was older than I want to admit. I recently picked up some loose powder and pressed powder. The jury is still out on whether I will use them on a regular basis. I have to learn how to do this step efficiently.)

Why do I save boxes? Who knows. Do I care? Well...Yes, a little...since I might possibly have attachment issues. But the bigger question is...when will I stop?

I can't answer that either.

I don't really feel better about it. In fact, it makes me a bit perplexed. I better go, I have to be up early tomorrow to fix style my hair.

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