Thursday, March 27, 2008

Things Found in my Gym Bag.

I cleaned it out my Hot Pink Gym Bag today, so I could go back to Yoga tonight. There is no real relation between going to Yoga, and cleaning out my bag, but that is what I need to tell myself. Why Hot Pink? 'Cause I am usually surrounded by Blue that's why.

I take out my workout clothes after I get home each time, but it needed a deep down cleaning. I needed to get to the bottom. Here is what I found:

1. My gym shoes. They are gray and pink. They provide no ankle support whatsoever. They were cheap. They have little tread. I didn't smell them, since my oldest son doesn't yet know how to dial 911.

2. A paper on a yoga warmup from one of the gym trainers to do before lifting. I am learning how to lift weights and do cleans. Cleans are hard, interesting, and could cause a blowout. I try not to dwell on the blowout part.

3. A list of names if I need to call to see if they can fill in for me if I have to call in sick. Try to say that one 3 times fast.

4. A receipt for a hair cut my husband got the same day I had to fix mine. I don't have a clue how that got there. I am trying to forget that whole mess.

5. Shampoo, Conditioner, Soap. The Y is one of the few places I get to shower in peace, without the boys screaming at me, or the water running cold. Sometimes I do have to listen to older women talking loudly about their mammograms...but I can live with that. As long as there is a towel to stand on.

6. Shaver. El Cheapo. Dull. Hate using. If I forget to shave at home, I have to use it there. If someone is THAT close to my armpits, they should be slapped. Since we know how traitorous they can be.

7. 2 full bottles of water.

8. 1 empty bottle of water. I guess this is as close to a box as I get this time. I do re-use them.

9. A hairband I have never used in public. I look like a dork, banded with blue dorkness.

10. 1 dime. Shiny. 2000. I would condition. I dont know where I will invest it though. Probably a city parking meter.

11. A coupon for Rayovac batteries. ???

12. A schedule for a local yoga studio. They have HOT YOGA there. Hot Yoga is where you do yoga in a hot room. Though, that would mean sweating in close proximity to others. Maybe not. Maybe I will try the Burlesque Booty Burn class...or maybe the Samba class?

13. Gray string from the zipper of my makeup bag. It must have wanted a change of scenery.

14. MP3 Player and ear things.

15. 5 pony tail holders, which I can't really use effectively since...well, you know.

16. A little dirt. Probably from the bottom of my shoes.

Not bad. Not bad at all. No fingernail clippings. No underwear. No food. My husband would be so proud.

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