Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Things Found Under the Bed.

We have mattresses that are warranteed. If something isn't the way it should be, I just get a new one.

In the fall of 2006, (Ok, so maybe I procrastinated a little...) I called the company here in town, and they came out to the house, and inspected our box spring. It was squeaking! So, they said to bring that one in and we can get a replacement.

Well, I had every intention on doing it last summer....LOL, yes, the summer of 2007, cause we had a cute little GMC Sierra, and it was so fun. Well, it literally BURNED UP on the side of the road one day, while Randy was driving it, and we had no truck. We got another truck a couple months later, but by then, it was too darn cold (read, I was too lazy) to do anything about it.

I got a wild hair again today...I called the place...asked if they still had the boxspring. Yep...But by this time I had no clue where the bag was that the inspector gave me to wrap it in. I ran up there, grabbed a bag, came home, had Willard help me with his little wagon (One of the best garage sale finds ever...50 cents...that wagon...and an identical one I got for Maynard for 1.00 at another one) by putting his end in it and using it as a dolly. We got it into the back of the truck, took it there, exchanged it, got the new one home, unloaded it, and now it rests (at almost midnight) on its side, in our room.

I am attempting to rearrange my room...funny. I have to clean under the bed. I didn't find too many odd things there, but I thought I might share.

1. 3 Sweater Boxes...with sweaters I have never worn. Mostly wool.
2. A reusable baby wipe. They are the handiest things...handmade. As a gift when we had Maynard.
3. Used Kleenex. Eww.
4. Sweater making machine, that I haven't quite figured out yet.
5. A Washer. I am not sure what bolt it came from.
6. Dust Bunnies. Must be gathering for spring.
7. Hole punch confetti...Still wondering how those got there.
8. A missing piece to a really cool magnetic car of the boys'.
9. The box to my external hard drive. (A bad habit. I do save boxes, but I am getting better!)
10. A lid to a plastic shoe box.
11. A piece of wood. Maybe a 1/4" x 6" x 8". No clue where that came from either!
12. The book: Freight Train, by Donald of the boys' favorites!

Well, I am off. To put the bed together that is. Wish me luck.


Jess said...

hi! thanks for your comment on my blog! my posting is rather erratic (note like the the 5 posts today, but none for the past week and a half, ah well). i agree, yoga is really very fun, and i'm hoping to get better at it! sounds like you had an exhausting night yesterday, hope you got to rest easy on your new bed :)

Mrs. Varner said...

Hi there. thanks for visiting my blog. I should have some confetti... you are my first comment besides my sister, lol. the bread was actually quite easy, but you need a bread machine. I use mine to make the dough. I have to much to do in a day than to make the whole thing by hand. lol. I like your blog too, i'll check back and see what your goings ons are.
God bless, Misty