Sunday, March 30, 2008


I try to avoid the dreaded scale, but since I have been trying to shed a few pounds, I have one in my bathroom. I try to weigh myself after I get up in the morning, and after I pee. I call it my dry weight. LOL. It was taunting me anyhow...I swear its broken. Why won't it budge? Today for some reason, I didn't put the scale away.

After lunch, I hear Willard yell, "Excuse me, Mom? Can you please come here?" I start walking from the kitchen to the bathroom, and Willard runs right into me, apparently really excited!

He promptly shakes his head from the impact, turns around and runs back to the bathroom.

I watch him step onto the scale. He looks up at me in amazement and says..."Look Mom! I'm full of pounds!"

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Tanya said...

I think there is a conspiracy among scales. They don't budge, so that we keep using them. I was blog hopping and found yours. We have similar interests. Stop by my blog for a visit, if you get a chance. Enjoy those boys.