Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Gym Ramblings. I mean, Rants.

Ok, I know I haven't posted in almost a month. Sorry!

I try not to complain. Well, except when I'm at the gym and my trainer makes me sweat. Then hear me roar and whine. I don't like sweating. Really. What is so fun about back sweat, underarm sweat, butt sweat, forehead sweat, and boob sweat? How about inner elbow sweat, and behind the knee sweat? Just plain gross. Especially when there are guys there that stare. LOL

Did I ever mention I HATE CARDIO?

But here is what I find SOOOOOOO FRUSTRATING:

While getting dressed after my shower and workout last night, I noticed that not only had my back broken out in pimples, so has my cleavage and my butt. Now, its not major acne, but still...arrggghhhh! Yes it will go away, but come on!


And not only that, the more fat I loose, the more stretch marks I notice.


My trainer suggested to stop trying to work out like a lifter, and instead try to be more efficient. So he is having me do TABATAS. (Here is a site that explains them.) It IS cardio, but its better than the funky machines, and helps burn fat more efficiently. He also took my body fat thingy. I need to loose 10%. Nice. I can tell a difference though already, and I am feeling great though. (On the inside, right? BLEH!)

Ok, I am done Ranting. HAHAHAHA

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