Tuesday, July 22, 2008

20 miles per nour.

My boys amaze me every day.

Maynard is imitating many of Willard's manerisms, but is starting to make up things on his own. He has a hard time some of his letters and blends, but for the most part, I can understand what he is saying. It is so cute trying to hear him pronounce kick. (He uses t's for k's!)

Willard's imagination is exploding, and he loves to make up scenarios and explanations. Sometimes the explanations are so extravagant, I wonder if one day he will be a fiction novelist! He has recently started using b's for v's, n's for h's, and other cute mix-ups.

Today, I helped them both make paper airplanes they can fly around the house. Willard calls his an R36. It flies (but the pilot drives it, he tells me) over bolcanoes, mountains, and even big bolcanoes. He said he flies it at 20 miles per nour. But when it goes over bolcanoes, it goes sixty miles per nour.

Maynard's is a B1 Bomber. He said it fwies. And it bwasts offs. It fwies fass and pins awoun.


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Tanya said...

My boys have their own language, as it is called by many in our church. It is eerily similar to your boys. Sammy (5 1/2) also makes up the greatest stories. Did someone hit the 'copy' button for this part of our kids? So funny!
Isn't it fun to translate. My littlest spent all our vacation saying he 'loves to ting tongs'
let me know if you need a translator!