Thursday, July 31, 2008

Willard and babies...

Willard LOVES babies. Today, I got to watch a friend's 3 children.

Her youngest isn't even walking yet, and she is just adorable.

She was on the floor, playing with a ball, and Willard came up to her, and this was his conversation:

"Oh! A BABY!

(He holds her hand in his...)

"You have little hands! I have bigger hands."

(He switches hands)

"Let's shake."

"I'm Willard. I changed to five. I was four. I was two, like a baby."

Then he got distracted and went and asked Maynard:

"Hey Maynard, you wanna play Ice Road Truckers?"

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gordostyle said...

That is adorable! Time for you to have another one!!!