Sunday, July 13, 2008

Food Frustrations

Have you ever tried to search for something online, and when you get there, it isn't what you expected?

I am trying to research Protein. Why it is good, how much I should have, etc. I am tired of trying to be sold different powders!!!! ARRGGGHH! I do intend on getting a protein powder supplement, however, I want to know how much protein is in one ounce of....whatever it is I am eating...

I won't go into detail here, since I started a new "health" blog (just the sound of that sounds funny!), where I keep track of my eating/workouts, etc. but now, I am diving into nutrition, and I wish I could get some straight answers!

I know that I am eating healthy food, I now need to know daily needs...not servings!


Anyhow, I thought I would post the formula for how much protein a person needs, so you can gauge your protein intake. You should have more if you are working out a lot.

Here is the formula, using my body weight.

12* lbs...I don't even know, but its in the 120's...I am going to round up to 130.

divided by 2


subtract 10


55 grams of protein is what I should be eating. More though, since I have been working out more.

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