Wednesday, July 23, 2008


Each night before bed, we give the kids their "vin and juice" and some fruit. (Vin is Vitamins.)

We call it Vin and Juice, because one day, my husband or I, (probably me 'cause I like making up funny songs, but I can't recall) started singing the classic 90's rap song, in the form of a kids song:

Rollin' down the street, playing Nintendo
Sipping my vin and juice.
Laid back.
With my mind on my teddy and my teddy on my mind.

YES, its dumb, but the kids love it, since they both have teddy bears. Though, they have no clue what a Nintendo is...yet.

So, after I gave Willard the WRONG kiwi-he wanted a golden kiwi, not a green kiwi...He seemed to calm down pretty rapidly.

I poured his juice (its a supplement) and placed it in front of him.

He suddenly puffed in a high pitch tone, "But you were supposed to HAND it to me, not set it on the table!"

It was so funny. He was so tired and ornery, and I just laughed on the inside.

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