Monday, July 21, 2008

Dear Bathtub Manufacturer...

Dear Bathtub Manufacturer,

While taking my bath, I thought about the size of bathtubs. Why is it that I can't seem to fit in my tub?

The average height of a Man in the US is 5' 9.2" (or 69.2 inches) and the average height of a Woman in the US is 5' 3.8" (or 63.8 inches). (I GOOGLED IT!)

I measured my tub, and the bottom measurement is 58" across the top, and 44" across the bottom inside. I am only 62" tall. (Although, I do feel better now, knowing that the average height is only shy of 5' 4".) I can't even fit in my own tub. My knees stick out, or my feet, and my shoulders are not under.

WHY? Why didn't you make bathtubs longer? I understand that most bathrooms are smaller, but you should have known you had the POWER to make bathrooms bigger by making the internal measurements at least the size of the average man!

Wrinkly yours,


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