Thursday, February 8, 2007

American Idol

One of the shows Randy and I watch together is American Idol. It's not our favorite, but we tend to disagree a lot with each other on who should win, not necessarily the judges opinions. We do get to talk and get all worked up together, and have little bets and such, so it is all in good fun.

One of the things we disagree on is the way the judges act in the tryouts.

For instance, it makes him mad that the judges like to laugh, make fun, etc at the contestants. I don't think their behavior is very couth, but the show has ratings, and it isn't because everyone can sing. However, I consider myself a pretty reasonable person, and am able to carry a tune (albeit a slight one!) I used to sing in choir, and had aspirations when I was younger to sing. But, I wouldn't try out for AI because 1. I know I am not good enough, and 2. I don't handle people laughing at my expense very well. Knowing this, I don't choose to put myself into that position that could get me nationwide ridicule!

So anyway, my point is, if someone CHOOSES (after all they are not forced!) to go on AI and expect the judges to love you, and they don't, stop being surprised that they act the way they do! It makes good TV. It has been around for 6 seasons now, and if you can't take the heat, don't go into the kitchen.

Oh, and what is worse? The people who come out after being told no, and they start talking badly about the judges. That makes them look like idiots. So not only can you not sing, you can't take it like a man either.

The funniest thing was the cousin who told the judges he was going to act out, for the t.v., and ended up yellin' and screamin' for show. THAT was funny. He knew he wasn't the best, and he was doing it with the right attitude. His cousin ended up making the Hollywood round, and he was happy for him...kudos to you!

Ok, I have said what's on my mind... HeHe

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