Wednesday, January 17, 2007

How to Give a Heart Attack

My kids like bubble wrap. The big ones. They can sit and pop them and be perfectly content. Willard likes to pop, Maynard likes to try, but he usually bites them, and thinks that he pops them when in reality, it was Willard. However, they don't remember to put them back when they are done popping. I normally keep them in a wrapping paper container in the addition of our bedroom. This particular day, they were scattered in the addition.

Now, we have a poorly insulated addition. It is really difficult to keep it warm, and we must have the closet doors closed at all times. I got home from work the other night, and I noticed that one of the doors was open a bit, so I was trying to be quiet while I tiptoed my way back to the closet.

Randy was in a dead sleep, maybe even snoring a bit, and the only light that I had was the weather channel on the ol' tele. I was tip-toe-ing my way to the closet when my big fat foot landed squarely on an untouched piece of the bubble wrap. Sounding a bit like the actual gunfire of Normandy, my honey bolted awake, grabbed his chest, and said, "I just about had a heart attack." So, after I regained a little composure and stopped laughing, not because it was all that funny, but because I scared the dickens out of myself as well, I closed the closet door and headed for bed.

His heart has had quite a few jump starts. Last week on another night, I came home from work and he was crashed on the couch, remote on his lap, t.v. on. I try to be really quiet and take the remote off his lap to turn the tv off. He jumped up and had a fit and got his heart all racing again.

It keeps him young...

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