Saturday, January 13, 2007


I LOVE being a mom. Especially on days like this:

I sat my boys down in the kitchen to eat breakfast. I get cereal, bananas, etc. all ready for them. They are both eating great. I run to my room to get dressed for the day, and Willard decided to scream bloody murder. No words, just a scream. Now, he normally doesnt do this, so I have to break into sprint mode, with my pants unbuttoned, a gate and a queen size bed in my way. I yell, as I am running, what is it honey? I get to the kitchen and he is standing on his chair and he yells I HAVE TO GO POO POO! I about fell over. Here I am thinking he cut himself or something crazy!

99% of the time, this kid comes up to me or my hubby and says, "I have to go poo poo" and goes into the bathroom and yells when he is done. He has been doing this since around his first birthday, so to hear him scream like that was so scary, yet hilarious because it was though he had to announce it to everyone on the block!

So, another cute thing that he does, since I am on the subject of my oldest going poo poo...a year or so ago, he OD'd on cheese and got a little constipated. So I tried explaining that he cant have too much cheese to eat, or he will have a hard time going. So, this particular time, along with many others, he will say that he is done, and then try to go a little more and then he will say, I have cheese in my bu tt. Too funny.

Ok, my stomach hurts from laughing about this.

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