Saturday, January 20, 2007

WHY!?!--Things that bug me...(Part 1)

Why does the actor in an infomercial dial the wrong toll free number? You would think with the money they are paying to make these commercials, they would get the Number Right!

Why do I keep getting emails wanting me to forward an email to all of my friends so that they can "sign" the bottom, and when it reaches 2000, we need to forward it to so-and-so. Doesn't anyone realize that if they send it to 10 people, it will take hundreds of times longer to reach 2000 people? Think about it. Not everyone will be signing the same email...

Why doesn't the weatherman give us a shorter forecast? Show all the maps at one time! Layer them for crying out loud. I dont need to sit and see the temps on one, the chance of precipitation on another, the Low pressures and High Pressures, and the winds? Put them all on one! Save some time already! Half the time, they are wrong anyway. Today it was supposed to be 41 degrees. So, while making lunch, I shipped the kids outside. Come to find out... it was 48....hmmmm, would have liked to have known that so I could have been able to bring them to the park or something for lunch...Although, they did have fun playing in the yard...I mean dirt...(its dry here!)

OK, I am done, for now.

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