Thursday, December 13, 2007

What a day for a daydream...

What is up with the song references? I just start typing and a song comes to me. The weird thing is, I don't even listen to music that much these days, and I still have many ingrained in my head!

It's only early evening, and I am daydreaming of a time where the boys don't fight. Where they each act kindly toward each other. All is calm.

Yeah Right.

Today has been one big war. I know what caused some of it, (we ate a bad lunch) but I am worn out! It started out pretty good. I was up early, getting ready to go clean a new construction house. We went to the library to get a couple videos for the boys to watch while I cleaned. Then we went out to the house. It is so beautiful. I hope whoever buys it can appreciate and be in awe of His creation.

Maybe one day we will live on 40 acres and a panoramic view of the hills like that home. I can have my own garden to grow food with the boys and I can raise yaks, cows and chickens. Yum. Just thinking about it makes me hungry. I sure love chicken... But really, I do like it here in our "cozy" little home. Where the kids are never too far away, and I can step to the center of our home and glance in any room. Where our heat bill last month was only like 25 dollars! That is awesome!

I finished my craft projects. I would post a picture, but since my sisters may view my blog, I don't want to ruin the surprise (I love you two!). Everything is still on my coffee table, with finished projects on top. I must clean this off tonight, since it seems as though I won't be getting out to clean again tonight, due to the war going on. They are actually playing dinosaurs right now, and getting along, but as soon as they realize they can play together nicely, I suppose the peace will end.

After being encouraged by one of the blogs the other day, I did get my computer desk moved to where it needed to be, and the computer is all set up. I now have to clean off my craft table and figure out how to rearrange the other half of the room. I have come to accept the fact that I will not get my room painted anywhere in the near future. I really should allow God's peace to reign in my life. A moment by moment thing I suppose. I am such a hypocrite when it comes to that. I can tell myself that I need to let it happen, but do I...NO. I just keep trying, instead of trusting. Hmm, sounds like my own little war.

I have other things to do anyway than to paint and such. The boys and I leave in 8 days for Minnesota, and my wonderful husband may even be home for a little bit early next week. (YEAH!) I get to clean the new construction house by Sunday, the floor mats in the truck get to be rinsed off, I get to go pick up the van from The Repair Shop (I highly recommend Dennis from there. He really knows his stuff!)! Amazing!

One thing at a time I suppose!

Do all things without murmurings and disputings! hmmm....

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