Saturday, April 5, 2008

Yoga and Head Butting.

Today, I dropped the boys off at the Y Child Watch, while I went and attempted to do Yoga. I have been going pretty consistantly these last few weeks, and I have been learning alot. They always say you need to be where your body is, and only do what your body is letting you do. TODAY WAS HARD!

It started a couple days ago. Thursday, I went and gave blood. I was very focused during that evening's class. I had my locks, and my breathing well under control. I was feeling great. I didn't expect any side effects from donating, but there was. I managed to get dizzy twice, but I didn't fall or anything. But considering I was a pint low, I really felt great. Dizzyness isn't a normal thing I experience on a daily basis. Ditzyness, now that is another thing.

Well, today my body was not into it at all. I couldn't focus. I got dizzy several times, and I felt very uncoordinated. Wow. What a wake up call. This will be the case again in 56 days. I will have to give myself a few days afterwards to level out before I doing my normal Yoga and such. Oh, and EAT BREAKFAST! Note to self!

After I got done downstairs, I went up to get the boys.

The teacher informed me that Willard had head butted Maynard. He was on time out. The boys tend to be rough with each other, but they need to learn how to resolve things without body parts. The teacher went over to him to talk about how he could do things differently the next time Maynard started stirring things up (he has that tendancy). I was also having my own chat with Maynard about sharing, etc. After Willard got off time out, he came over to me, and I asked him to apologize to Maynard. How sweet is this:

"I'm sorry for butt-heading you."

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