Wednesday, September 16, 2009

They are Definitely Related!

*in my haste, this was actually posted on my other blog...whoops...I moved it here though!

Both the boys are very expressive. Willard uses lots of words and motion, and he can't stand still-it isn't possible. Maynard uses emphasis and big gestures and big eyes.

If you ask Willard what he dreams about, be prepared:

I woke up and I felt the ground shake (shaking his head back and forth)...I looked outside and it was a Tyrannosaurus Rex! But it was a different Tyrannosaurus had a sail on his back. And then I went in the basement-we didn't live in this house-and I started to shiver (he shakes) and it wrecked right through the kitchen. In the morning, everyone was killed, except our neighbors (they just moved in, and he is pumped about that), and not Trace (a friend of his). Then I helped everyone build their houses back up.

Then, Maynard comes running out of the bathroom, arms spread out as wide as they can go, eyes big:

We saw a MASSIVE pider! So we TILLED it (slapping hand down), PITD (picked)it up, put it IN THE TOIWET (making a dropping motion), and FWUSHED it down!

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