Tuesday, September 1, 2009



I don't really like them, either. I know they have their place, but, I prefer that place to be far away from me! I scream like a little girl when they land on me too.

Have you ever tried to walk with two boys down a sidewalk FILLED with grasshoppers? Let me tell you...it takes forever. But it is so darn cute when they "spook" them and they jump up and scare the pants off the boys....they yell out a squeal, then giggle, then find the next one. Unfortunately, they have also become, how shall I put this..."less than benevolent" toward them, so inevitably, I have to grab their hands and guide them and keep saying "keep away from the grasshoppers!"

Have you tried to walk past a flower garden with grasshoppers EVERYWHERE:


(insert shiver here)

Why do they look at me like that?

Although, I have figured out a way for all these critters to be kept under control.

I know that there are many chicken farmers that keep their chickens locked up (not so much around here, but...go with me on this)...why not let the little birdies go free range for a while and plump-them-up the good old fashioned way!? Maybe even get movable fences to protect them from predators...Just a thought. Fresh air and exercise + grasshopper population decreasing = Win/Win Situation!


NicXOXO said...

I love reading your blogs. You are too funny!

mir! said...

This year was so bad for grasshoppers! Remember that ridiculous one that was on my car?! I miss the summer!