Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Looks Innocent, Right?



We only have 1 bathroom. We have a rule where, if someone is in the bathroom, and you can't hold it...then you can pee outside. This is a rare occasion, but it works...I mean...worked. They are supposed to pee next to the garage.

Earlier, Willard was going poop. Maynard went in there and told him he had to pee. I overheard and told him to go pee outside. He gets his shoes on, and walks to the door. The door opens. It stays open. Closing doors isn't common around here, and it seems around 30 times a day I have to bark at someone about shutting the door. I glance up and bark...Shut the door!

Then I hear liquid. On concrete.

After a second, I realized he was peeing on the sidewalk. I hopped up to find him standing in the doorway of our back door, peeing. My camera was laying on the counter, and I snapped two pics.


I asked him why he didn't go out next to the garage. He said, "It's too hot out 'dere."


At least he missed the Welcome Mat!

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Marie Loves Ben said...

i linked on your blog from another and am glad i did. that is hil.ar.ious.