Saturday, January 2, 2010

Stepping into the Ring.

*no bloggers were hurt in the making of this post...

I am looking forward to this new year. There are going to be so many changes...many trials...possibly more than there were this past year.

And I am as ready as I can be.

I won't bore you with the probably wouldn't believe me anyhow.

See, I journeyed into 2009 with an open mind...I was turning 30 after all, and I had looked forward to it. It started like any other year of course.

Little did we know-THIS would be our toughest year.

To say 2009 "started off with a bang" is an understatement.

Looking back, we did have many great days and moments. However, with all the trials, it seemed as though we had been airborne for quite a while.

We waited for things to settle down.

But, even after landing, we understood that the trials ahead weren't going to be easy.

From narrow escapes... facing things head-on. (Even if we were a bit intimidated.)

We didn't stop trying...but we eventually got forced out of the ring.

Of all of the things we have learned from this past year, this one seems to rise to the top:

Be thankful to God for what you do have...regardless of the circumstances.

Happy New Year!

*Please forgive the shoddy pictures...they were captured from a video from when the author (yes, that really is me flying through the air) was 18, young, and possibly mentally incapacitated. However...IT WAS A RUSH!

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Marie Says Yes said...

i love this post.
and that is YOU?!?!
that just says so much -- wow. my hat goes off to you!