Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Raising Sailors...

After commenting about this on another blog, I thought I would post this here, since it is quite comical.


We try hard not to curse in front of the boys. We are not perfect parents, and it happens. In fact, the more we tell ourselves to stop cursing, the more we do it. The general rule for the boys is, if you are going to say "those" words, you can say them in their room so we cannot hear them.

The other day, Willard and Maynard were cleaning their room. I got the vacuum out for them and Willard did half the room, and Maynard was vacuuming the other half. There was a backpack on the floor, and Maynard asked Willard to..."move that son-of-a-B*#^%".

We were sitting in the living room, looked at each other and just giggled. He was, indeed, in his room. (Although, he was yelling because the vacuum was loud.)

Then we told ourselves we NEED to stop swearing, etc...but the vicious circle continues!

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