Monday, August 24, 2009

I wonder what he will get for Christmas?

Willard has been playing and wiggling this his loose tooth for a couple weeks the point where it sorta creeped me if it were going to land on me one day while he was talking. (And I am not even afraid of teeth!)

He lost it on Friday Afternoon:

He sure looks cute, and he has a little lisp now too! I am surprised I even got him to smile and stay still long enough to take his picture! We were at the park.

So, after it came out, Willard started talking about the Tooth Fairy. I am sure that somewhere in the last few months he heard about "her", because this is the first tooth that he has mentioned her.

Now, we are the crushers of all things magical. No Santa Claus here people!

So, we told him the truth, and he wanted to argue with us about it.

I was half tempted to let him sleep with it under his pillow for a few days to see if she would have showed up.

But after discussing it, he seemed OK with it, since, well, he was getting a dollar, instead of some measly quarter from a fake fairy.

Mom = 1
Tooth Fairy = 0

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the Provident Woman said...

My oldest just started losing her teeth. She lost the two bottom ones within days of each other. I couldn't believe how happy she was about it.