Sunday, July 5, 2009



Last night, while watching the fireworks, Maynard found a cricket.


I guess he was chasing it around, trying to get it...


He ran over to me, (knowing that I am not a big fan of crickets) and said loudly:

Mom!......If I see that cricket......and it comes over to you...... I'll KICK IT IN THE FACE!



Dawn said...

First off those fireworks pictures are fantastic!

Kicking the cricket "in the face" is cracking me up...

Little ol' Me said...

Thank you Dawn!

Gordostyle said...

Great pics... Adorable comment!

Jana said...

oh your firework pictures put mine to shame you are so talented *WOW*
and I think that little guy knows exactly how to deal with crickets...very decisive when it comes to the area he should it! Amazing blog thanks for sharing! smart hubby for getting you that camera!