Monday, April 6, 2009


Since we have had these 3 snow storms these last few weeks, I have felt just bleh. I want to stick my head in the snow and wait for the plow to accidentally jump the curb and plow through my living room so there will at least be a path!

I was joking with a friend this morning about my house and that if someone tried to loot it, they probably couldn't find anything anyway!

Right now, if someone walked into my home, they would think that it had just been robbed.

I just threw out 2 broken glasses that were in the dust pan.
I just ran 2 loads of dishes, and the counters are still filled with crap.
I need to tackle my dirty clothes piles, but they might just tackle me.
I am surrounded by calculator printouts and tax forms.
I am trying to get my computer cleaned out so it doesn't take forever!
My bedroom looks like I have been hoarding paper for years.
The last time I used my sewing machine, I was mending. (Still fun though!)

I feel like a lousy everything...Wife, Mother, Friend, Daughter, Sister, Cousin, Aunt, etc, etc, etc..

But, I have lost 17 lbs!

I guess there is some good news!

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Gordostyle said...

Sorry you're bleh! But holy cow, you've lost 17 lbs?! That's amazing! You didn't have 17 to lose though! Good for you!