Wednesday, September 10, 2008



Well, other than the fact that he is handsome, funny, intelligent, kind, giving, oh, and AWESOME...

He is teaching our boys how to be a great husband.

I am the farthest thing from a feminist. In fact, I might just be a male chauvinist. Men are so trampled on these days that it saddens me greatly. I am very troubled about this and the future of my sons. I pray that they will have the patience and wisdom to find a woman who treats them with respect.

Here are just a couple examples that I can think of:

The home improvement store commercial where the husband is reluctant to get the roof on the house done, but the wife basically gives him "the look" and he is so afraid of the consequences that he does it. (Wonder if she made him charge it...)The commercial goes on to show the fence and the back yard...(In real life, most of our homes don't look nearly as immaculate as the home they were in.)

Then there is the commercial where the guy's bike is in the shop, and he is sitting on the couch, in full motorcycle gear. He is folding towels for his wife (she probably demanded that he did it) and she comes over belittling him because he isn't folding them the way she wants.

I am glad I have a DVR so I can fast forward through these commercials!

I also just watched a preview of a (probably will be a great) movie about a man who is trying to keep his marriage together (it doesn't show the reasons why the marriage is troubled), and granted, I haven't seen the movie yet (I think we might go to it), but the trailer didn't show the woman's part in working at it as well, it just showed her annoyance as to his attempts to make it work.

Men have an uphill battle when it comes to women these days.

I am not saying that I have never been less than pleasant with my husband (in fact, in our earlier years of marriage, I did have a serious problem with my attitude toward my husband). I have learned over the years that when you LOVE (verb!) your husband, he will do anything for you. You won't have to nag a million times. However, I still fail all the time!

So, back to my wonderful husband.

He compliments me. I am not one to take a compliment well. I generally roll my eyes or make a funny face. It's just how I deal with it. However, no matter how many times I roll my eyes, my husband still does it. (Deep down, I do appreciate it, but don't tell him!)

When my husband is home, the boys are always around us. They get to witness a great husband in action. (I am working on the great wife part!)

My boys got into my makeup bag the other day. Willard was applying lip shimmer to Maynard as I walked in. They started defending themselves.

"Mom, we want to look pretty."

I said, "Well boys, this is Mommy's makeup and you can't play with it." I went on to explain that I wear it to look pretty for Daddy.

Willard said, "But Mom, you are already beautiful!"

I gave them both a kiss, took my bag back, and went into the other room and gave my husband a big smooch.



Tanya said...

you are blessed.

Anonymous said...

Aww... makes me want to have a son so they can look up to Josh. Because I know he's going to be a great husband.

I do the same thing with compliments.. but after I roll my eyes, Josh looks me square in the face and repeats it again, acting very serious. It's sweet. :)